Resolution reinforcement

butter.jpgSo how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions to get fit and get rid of your gut? It’s difficult, isn’t it? I truly can sympathize with what you’re going through since I recently went through the same nightmare myself.

I planned ahead this year by losing weight before the holidays so that my resolution can be to keep it off. It’s so nice to wake up to on Jan. 1 without dieting on your mind. (Here’s something else to keep in mind: today’s contest mystery letter is Y). I lost almost all of the 20 pounds that were making me sad and ugly. In fact, as I write these words, post Christmas indulging, I have only six more pounds to lose in order to meet my original goal. (That’s them in the picture, cleverly disguised as butter).

I lost my weight much more quickly than most experts advise as being ideal for your health. I chose a super aggressive regime (less than 1,000 calories per day, and those calories had to come from low-fat foods and only a few complex carbs) because I knew two things about myself:
1. My resolve might be short-lived.
2. I couldn’t avoid professional eating responsibilities and social events indefinitely.

I was lucky that I had a relatively easy-to-manage amount of weight to lose — if I had many more pounds to lose, there’s no way I could have handled the prolonged social isolation and lack of lattes. Realizing that rickets and similar diseases are something even thin people can’t wear attractively, I took supplements such as potassium, calcium and vitamin B complex each day while dieting. Long term, I strive to get my nutrients from food sources. These were desperate measures I chose for fast weight loss.

Although I’m happily a loser, I’m not sure what advice I can offer to others who resolve to lose weight and get fit. The strategies that will work for each person are so individual. What I can tell you is that once you set your mind to losing weight, the hard part is over. And, once you start to lose, it gets easier. In fact, it feels freakin’ fantastic to put on a pair of slim-fitting pants and feel like you rock them! So, stick to your goals — you’ll be glad when you see results.

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