iPod cookery — Dinner solutions in your MP3 player

February 6, 2008


If you’re over 30, chances are that you use your iPod to hold songs and not much else. However, if you’re younger, you might find your iPod handy for storing music, pictures, contact info and — more and more often — how-to videos, recipes and shopping lists, too.

For more than a decade, research has shown that most people don’t think about what to make and serve for dinner until late afternoon when their stomachs start to rumble. Each evening, scores of hungry people scurry about in grocery stores, trying to remember what ingredients they need to make tacos or pasta. Invariably, many of them arrive home short one or two essential ingredients.

iPods are changing this scenario for the better. From free or inexpensive video podcasts that feature cooking demos to iPod-friendly cookbooks and training downloads, it’s now easier than ever to have all the cooking and ingredient info you need at your fingertips while you shop.

For food writers, this new technology requires that we think a little differently. When recipes and tips are no longer presented only on the printed page, they need to be written so that they can be laid out in new ways. For instance, sidebars such as shopping lists that can be easily sorted and scrolled are becoming increasingly important considerations for people like me.

Hungry for ways to use your iPod in the kitchen? You’ll find many food-filled podcasts at itunes.com. I found these downloadable tools that look particularly interesting:

NPR: Kitchen Window audio podcast
Cooks Illustrated videos, recipes and more
StartCooking.com’s videos
FoodVancouver.com’s iPod guide

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