Chocolate and wine pairing tips

February 14, 2008

Red wine and chocolateToday is Valentine’s Day and even if you didn’t take the time to choose a thoughtful gift (see Tuesday’s post) or to make a gourmet treat (see yesterday’s post) you can still impress your Valentine by serving a scrumptious, decadent chocolate dessert paired with a wonderful wine.

If the idea of pairing chocolate wine leaves you flummoxed, never fear. Wine expert Natalie Maclean can help solve your every cocoa coated dilemma.

“The creamy flavours of chocolate go best with sweet, full-bodied, high-alcohol wines,” MacLean notes. More specifically, here are Natalie’s top 10 wine and chocolate matches, excerpted from her online food and wine matching tool:

1. Dark Chocolate and Banyuls (France)
2. Chocolate-Covered Biscotti and Recioto Della Valpolicella (Italy)
3. Chocolate-Orange Cake and Liqueur Muscat (Australia)
4. Chocolate with Nuts and Tawny Port (Portugal)
5. Milk Chocolate and Tokaji ( Hungary)
6. Bittersweet Chocolate and Amarone (Italy)
7. Chocolate-Dipped Fruit and Icewine (Canada)
8. Chocolate Ganache Truffles and Sauternes (France)
9. Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and Framboise (California)
10. Chocolate Hearts with Cream Filling and Cream Sherry (Spain)

Do you have a great chocolate and wine pairing to recommend