Call me Countess of Sandwich

February 15, 2008

SandwichI’ve never been bothered by the obscurity of my birth. As a third generation Canadian, I’m proud of the fact that my family name ranks the same as everyone else’s.

That said, if I were ever going to buy a royal seat, I think I’d like to become the Countess of Sandwich. Not only is Sandwich a fitting name for someone with my vocation, but also I love that I would be linked to the British aristocrat who history credits with inventing one of my favourite foods.

Yes, everyone would love me if my name was Countess Sandwich.
Proof that many, many people love sandwiches is easy to find. Consider the latest foodservice trends: as health concerns about fast food have emerged over the last decade, what have donut shops and burger joints added to their menus? Sandwiches. In fact, sandwich consumption has increased by more than five per cent both at home and at restaurants in the last few years. Sandwiches are even one of the top 10 things we make for dinner.

Interestingly, there are fewer sandwich focused blogs than you might expect to find. There’s reality sandwich but it turns out not to be about sandwiches at all and there is I Love Sandwiches, but no site I’ve found really taps into the essence of sandwich love and lore.

What I can tell you as a trend tracker is that toasted sandwiches are all the rage at restaurants and crusty buns instead of bread are the new norm. Likewise, look for more small scale sandwiches like Quizno’s Sammies designed to be a light bite and for Banh Mi, the Vietnamese-style subs that all the college kids love, to become mainstream in the near future.

What would your name/title be if you were to buy a royal seat?