Warming soups

ladlesNot just for thermos lunches anymore, studies reveal that we love soup as a dinnertime main course. When you examine the origins of the word soup, this fact isn’t surprising. In fact, the word ‘soup’ is derived from a German root word that also led to the words ‘sup’ and ‘supper’ being used in English – information that makes it obvious that these nourishing, spoonable mixtures have been the cornerstone of evening meals for a very long time.

Every culture has its own signature roster of soups with names that range from bisque to borscht and from potage to chowder. No matter what you call it, soup must be saucy. Although you can start with a prepared broth, making your own broth and stock is inexpensive and easy (more on that topic later in the week).

This week I’ll be in Vegas, livin’ large with my honey, so for the next few days you’ll see posts about soup and soup-making by my colleagues at the test kitchen. Stay tuned for these wonderful entries:

• Tuesday: Saucy lady Amy Snider serves up a slimming soup

• Wednesday: Spice girl Sabrina Falone takes us on a soup-scented trip through Italy

• Thursday: Man with a pan Rob Heidenreich shares broth-making tips

• Friday: I’m back with a recipe for easy and economical Lemon Parsnip Soup


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