WTF Wednesdays

Cheese and champagneAs regular readers here know, I recently slimmed down by 15 pounds and pledged to lose six additional pounds before spring. Although I plan to maintain my new shape, I also realize that mental health is as important as physical well-being and certainly much more important than physical beauty. (Although if I were to wrangle a tri-fecta of fabulousness by achieving all three qualities of physical health, mental health and gorgeousness, I’d see no shame in the accomplishment!)

February is a cold and dreary month here in central Canada and, to be honest, the lack of sunshine can lead to vitamin D deficiencies that aren’t good for a girl’s mood. Not good at all. Just last Wednesday I found myself feeling a little blue and with an overwhelming urge for cheese and champagne (bubbles make me happy), so I wasted no time at all and laid out a spread of yummy cheese and popped a cork of Lanson. Immediately I felt a wave of good feelings!

A moment or two later when my chef sprocket hubby came into the room (the pop of a champagne cork is like a dog whistle for that man!) I was happier still to welcome him to WTF Wednesday, my impromptu party thrown for no reason than to spread happiness.

So if you feel your new year’s resolve slipping away as the days in 2008 accumulate, take a break. We all deserve a WTF Wednesday. Just be sure it isn’t followed by a Debauchery Thursday and you’ll be just fine!

2 Responses to WTF Wednesdays

  1. mari says:

    Dana, I hear what you’re saying! A trainer also told me once, that you should take a break from working out every 4-6 weeks, and do nothing for a full week. This way you get a break and avoid possible burn-out, and have a week of rest to look forward to (if you need it) as a motivator. I don’t always do so, but if I do take a week off, then I certainly feel less guilty about it.

  2. danamccauley says:

    There’s nothing like dangling a carrot in front of our nose to help you feel motivated, is there?

    I find year round that I really need to focus on something in the future (vacation, party, etc) to keep myself motivated and not feeling like a gerbil on a treadmill.

    Thanks for your note – cheers!

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