New food trends worth mentioning

March 5, 2008


A slew of food products, gadgets and cookbooks cross my desk on a weekly basis. Regrettably, only a few are worthy of mentioning to you. Here are the recent items my test kitchen team and I have discovered that we think you need to know about:

Good Indian products seem to be popping up more often than any other kind:
PC Indian Vegetable Samosas have a crunchy exterior and a moderately spiced filling that’s even more enjoyable when dipped in delicious, squeezable KFI’s Tamarind Date and Archari Mango Chutney sauces. And for the main course, ease your performance anxiety with Gourmantra’s meal kits.

PC Easy Peel Dry Roasted Almonds arrived just before the holidays and were pounced on by the whole team. Love them! We hope they become a regular item so that we don’t have to wait until December to satisfy our craving for more.

Xocai Activ Lifestyle Antioxidant Beverage has a pleasant dark chocolate taste. And while we’re not sure if their claim that each shot has “as much antioxidant power as your daily recommended vegetable servings” can be proven, for those who want a nutrient boost, it was easy to swallow.

Maple Lodge Farms Classic Chicken Roast products are reduced in sodium and fat yet still have an appealing texture and taste that can make your hoagie healthier. We liked the versatility of the Fat Free Oven Roasted variety very much.

Dulce De Leche, the wonderfully delicious caramel spread and sauce from South America is a quickly growing flavour in ice cream and bakeries. In fact, our sources tell us that it sold out at Loblaws stores over the holidays. If you can get it, the Loblaws version is quite good. In the meantime satisfy your cravings for this creamy caramel flavour with Haagen Daz Dulce De Leche ice cream.

At last there is a flavour-enhanced water on the market that doesn’t try to be a soft drink! Picking up on what spas have known for years, Vital Lifestyle waters feature subtle flavours that make drinking water interesting. The absence of aspartame or other sweeteners ensures no nasty after tastes.

Have you discovered a wonderful new product you think we should know about?