Steaming food kitchen gadgets

March 7, 2008

Steaming foodWell, I’m really steamed today (I’ve been waiting all week to type that!)

Moist cooking is a trend that’s gaining tremendous momentum in Canada. At the restaurant level, sous vide technology has captured the imagination of chefs and transformed the way many of them define the concept of freshness. On the home front, microwave steaming is allowing home cooks to eat more healthfully and to simplify their daily cooking experiences, too.

Nutritionists recommend steaming as a beneficial cooking method for many reasons. Steam cooking helps foods maintain an appealing, crisp texture and this method is proven to retain more nutrients versus boiling. We tried a number of successful new steaming products in the Test Kitchen recently:

• Glad and Ziploc steamer bags both worked well in our tests; however, we preferred the way the Glad version stood up.

• Green Giant Simply Steam Vegetables are perfect for last minute meals when you don’t want to chop or season a thing but still want to serve veggies.

• T-Fal Vita Cuisine Steamer is a good investment for people who like to cook and plan to steam often.

Do you find yourself steaming foods more often? If so, tell us about your favourite technique or recipe.