More on men and cooking

Men cookingIn the weeks since I first wrote about the cooking habits of modern men, I’ve noticed many Internet searches often bring people to that particular blog post (the other topic everyone seems to love is gourmet cupcakes!). As often as several times a day, my blog stat chart indicates that someone arrives here after searching for information about men and cooking. It’s obvious that people are curious to know what men are up to in the kitchen. I only wish I could see who’s doing the searching. Is it over-tired women hoping that change is in the offing? Male home cooks looking for camaraderie and validation that what they are doing is normal and acceptable? I can only guess.

Last week I missed a press event held by GE to promote their new Café series of appliances (if it had been hosted by Jack Donaghy I would definitely have made an effort to attend!). Although I couldn’t attend, the publicist sent me the media kit, which contained more info about men in the kitchen. So, since you seem so interested, I’ll share the details with you here:

• 80% of Canadian men report that they shop for menu ingredients, prepare the house, serve guests and help with clean up when they and their spouses entertain

• 60% of men are involved in cooking when guests come over

• 53% of men say they would cook more often if their appliances had a many, professional look and feel. (BTW, ladies, the picture above is of a kitchen that GE thinks will make men feel right at home and encourage them to rattle pans more often).

According to publicist Laura Garcia, these findings were the result of a random, national telephone survey conducted in January. The responses of 1,002 Canadian adults were used to calculate these statistics.

2 Responses to More on men and cooking

  1. Ivan Stephen says:

    Hi Dana,

    I’m searching for people who are interested in wine, craft beer and spirits. I coordinate liquor store tastings (and sometimes wine show staffing). If you know of any interested people, I’d love to hear from them! I’m paying $15 per hour, and there can be perks.


    Ivan Stephen
    Sips Field Marketing

  2. Hi Dana,
    I am a newbie at reading blogs. I was not a big blog reader in the past. Partly because I was short-sighted and my screen was not big enough. I have had a 26″ TV for a monitor now for a few months and it makes the world of difference.

    I found your site by going to and using the search for Blogs edit box. (cooking for men)

    My website ( is not small and is a personal potpourri of different stuff: poetry, games software I have programming in a language called Delphi for Windows XP (based on pascal), and some beautiful personal photos that you won’t find anywhere else. Also some interesting free Windows True Type fonts like party fonts and cat drawings (not by me).

    I have schizophrenia and a type of autism and I live alone, so I cook out of necessity.

    I have a new blog called “Patient X Marks The Spot” ( ) — please check it out. It is basically anonymous writing about life and religion and some poetry.

    The writing style is mostly cathartic, and you will see that it changes in style as my emotions change while I write.

    Love Peter

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