Weird restaurants

Toilet restaurant

About 15 years ago restaurateurs began to reconsider their role. Instead of being in the business of selling food, they realized that they could do well by providing customers a food experience. While this intellectual shift has been generally good for consumers – who doesn’t like nice décor, great service and thoughtfully prepared and presented food? – some entrepreneurs didn’t know when to stop. Today I share three such examples with you:

1. The most appealing of today’s trio is Belgium’s Dinner in the Sky, which elevates a group of 22 diners from a crane boom so that they can eat with a bird’s eye view of what ever monument or area they find fascinating. A second crane boom can elevate a pianist and a baby brand piano so that dinner is accompanied by more than airplane noise. Check out the pictures on their website. Words definitely don’t do this concept justice.

2. Marton is a Taiwanese restaurant concept that I just can’t understand. The décor – including serving dishes – is inspired by bathroom plumbing. The chairs are toilet shaped, the noodles come in little toilets and the tables are perched on bathtub bases. Just weird and wrong.

3. Penile cuisine is the concept at China’s Guo-li-zhuang Restaurant which Stefan Gates recently wrote about for the Times Online. He describes it as a “penis and testicle emporium that caters mainly to wealthy businessmen and Communist party officials.” (Fortunately I have been blessed in this lifetime by not falling into either category.) The real shocker is that I found articles about this eatery that date back more than 2 years – somehow this place is succeeding!

Hungry for more wacky restaurant concepts? Check out this article I found while doing research for this post.


2 Responses to Weird restaurants

  1. oh my goodness, this post is hilarious! i totally missed the people sitting on the toilet bowls the first time cos i was scrolling down to read your DB challenge post. then when i went back i almost fell off my seat! there is DEFINITELY something wrong about a toilet inspired restaurant!!!!!

  2. danamccauley says:

    Glad we are in agreement. In fact, I bet we could make quite a long list of things wrong with that concept!

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