Two new “F” words

Freegan spilled ice cream

As I proved yesterday with my post on weird restaurants, the food landscape is always changing. From new restaurant concepts to new food philosophies, people seem driven to reevaluate and revise their feelings about food on a regular basis. Part of my job as a food writer and trend tracker is to monitor the latest shifts in eating behaviour and attitudes. Recently two new terms have presented themselves quite often. Since neither of these new ideas is a very practical, appealing or even healthy approach to eating (just my opinion) I’ve dubbed these terms the new “F” words.

First is Freeganism. Freegans like to reclaim food that is going to be wasted – which is good. However, they often do their ‘shopping’ in dumpsters behind restaurants and grocery stores. Although the idea is that they are saving wrapped, just-at-its-stale-date food that is still good to eat, I think the risk of encountering scary germs, rabid rats and other gross stuff is far too high for me to recommend Freeganism to anyone I like.

Second is Fruitarianism. I’ve been given different meanings for this term. One follower of the movement told me that fruitarians only eat food that has naturally separated from the plant on which it grows. In other words they can only eat apples that fall off the tree not ones picked by hand. The broader definition I’ve found is that fruitarians are raw food enthusiasts who emphasize fruit over other raw choices such as vegetables and seaweed. Besides being sort of boring, being a Fruitarian seems like way too much effort to be practical for anyone who travels or works away from home. As a result I don’t recommend Fruitarianism either.


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