Dana’s big gardening adventure continues…

May 16, 2008

I’m getting ready to plant at last! My test kitchen is in a house that has a large, unused backyard. The people that owned the property previously had a wonderful, large vegetable garden at the back of the yard. They split the garden into smaller sections with interlocking brick paths so that even if the ground was wet you could walk through the garden easily.

When we took over the place, there was a lot of yard work to do and the whole family came to help. My dad brought in a skid steer loader which really helped Martin and I to move around things in the front yard so that we could expand the parking area and to help move out the junk that had accumulated in the backyard.

Having no intention at that point to use the veggie patch, we drove over the garden with the machine and piled up brush and stuff there until John, my mom’s boyfriend, could bring in his a wood chipper. Needless to say, all that activity in the garden moved the bricks all around. Now, after several years of weather and compost being spread over this space, the bricks were well disguised, making the garden a veritable mine field for a rototiller.

I enlisted the help of two 11-year-olds (my son and his BFF – it’s amazing what the promise of Dairy Queen can do to motivate kids!) and we set to work searching out the buried rocks. See that pile in the picture above? The three of us unearthed the top five rows on Saturday afternoon. To be honest, although it was hard work it was also fun.

Now obstacle free, it’s time to let John come in to rototill the space so that I can get the seedlings and seeds planted on the long weekend! Wish me luck. My big gardening adventure is finally ready to kick into high gear!

What’s happening in your gardens? Have any of you been brave enough to plant yet?

PS: Here’s a blog I discovered that has some good gardening tips. Kalyn’s Kitchen.