Street legal but seriously stupid

June 4, 2008

Sadly, there seems to be a market for candy and soft drinks inspired by drug culture. The most offensive example is Blow, a drink powder product that comes in glass vials that are further packaged in ‘stash boxes’ or ‘bricks.’ Some versions of this product also come with a Blow ‘credit card’ that can be used to divide the powder into portions.

Other products in this category include Crackheads Candy (which I mentioned a few weeks ago) and the notorious Cocaine Energy Drink that also borrow their names from drug culture. I noticed while researching these products that the contact info for both Blow and Cocaine indicates that these companies are located In Las Vegas. If only theses products were an example of something that ‘happens in Vegas, staying in Vegas.’

I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty open-minded person with a good sense of humour but I admit that I find these products worrisome. What do you think – am I overreacting? Are these drug-inspired products just harmless fun or an invitation to consider doing the real thing?