Are you a Grill Master?

June 5, 2008

It’s not news that many grillers have an emotional connection to both seared foods and the backyard appliances used to make such recipes. The picture above illustrates test kitchen assistant Amy Grigg’s passion for grilling. While I admire Amy’s affection for her grill, I caution her and other grill lovers never to kiss a hot grill. Instead, show your commitment to grilling by testing your knowledge.

Did you know that…?

• More than 7 billion grilled hot dogs will be eaten this summer in America with many more consumed here in Canada
• Our top four favorite burger toppings are: cheese (70%), ketchup (63%), mustard (50%)
• 76% of households own a grill of some kind
• 75% of grill owners have a gas grill
• If you don’t have a gauge, you can weigh propane tanks on a bathroom scale. An empty tank will weigh between 17 and 19 pounds so if the scale reads less than 20 lbs, refill before you try to cook

If you had these facts top of mind, it’s likely that you are, indeed, a grill master. However, if you want more proof of your grill master status before bragging to your friends, try this quiz to test the limits of your knowledge.

Or, skip the test and take a second to share your secret grilling tips with the rest of us by commenting below.