Fancy outdoor parties

Although I prefer to host casual parties myself, I have to agree, there’s something special about a starlit wedding reception or a dressy afternoon party on the lawn. For any brides-to-be or other posh party throwers, here are my tips for planning a successful outdoor party that will be fun, safe and memorable.

1. Since nature can be indifferent to our party pleasure, everyone planning an outdoor party should have an indoor contingency plan in case unwanted rain, gale or locusts occur.

2. As long as there is no precipitation falling, I can find a way to host an amazing outdoor party in almost any season. If you anticipate complications and make appropriate arrangements, you can have fun outdoors almost anytime.

3. Most people think summer is the easiest time of year to host an outdoor event; however, this time of year is as tricky as any other season. Depending on your elevation and geographic location, the nights can range from nippy (think Banff) or sweltering (think Toronto). In areas where the summer evenings are hot, fans and insect repelling torches and/or candles can help to keep the event cool and comfortable while in the mountains or near the ocean coasts of Canada, heaters can keep the evening chill at bay. I also like to have a big basket of pashminas folded and at the ready for the women with bare arms who feel cold once the sun goes down.

4. Comfort can also be enhanced by renting a wooden floor so that sunken-high-heel-syndrome doesn’t weigh down your guests’ spirits or quell their enthusiasm for dancing. After all, who can dance when her Manolos are getting ruined?

5. When choosing an outdoor location, remember that one square yard of land per person plus additional space for waiter’s stations, bars and a dance floor is necessary to have a comfortable reception.

6. The location also needs to have attractive but functional lighting and an adequate power supply. Likewise, sufficient restroom facilities are a must. Order port-o-potties if you must and outfit them with flowers, had towels and whatever other creature comforts their limited indoor space will allow.

7. Even if painting is required, it’s easy to prepare an indoor room for a party; however making the backyard a paradise can be a longer term project so start early. Fertilize the grass 6 weeks before the event and plant flowers, preferably coordinated to match the party colour scheme, which will bloom just before the event.


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