Although I’ve written about food fights here before, a new commercial that approaches the topic from a fresh new angle has inspired me to broach this subject again!

The ad for Doritos’ Collision chips is my favourite thing on TV right now. Seriously, the TV viewing options were better during the writer’s strike than they are now. In fact, when I’m watching a show on PVR and catch a glimpse of this commercial I stop and actually watch the ad.

Due to royalties issues I can’t imbed the video in this post so you can only view this commercial on TV or facebook. Here’s a link that takes you to the facebook page where you can enjoy it over and over again.

Besides the fact that I think this ad is pretty funny, I admire it because it highlights a brilliant example of Concept Architecture.

When I give people my business card and they see the title Food Concept Architect under my name, they often ask me what a concept architect does. At their brightest and best, we do what Doritos has done here: we take a familiar concept and help people to see it in a new, more interesting way.

Still not sure what I mean? Consider that the flavour profile of this chip combo is basically the same as buffalo chicken wings, the bar snack that combines spicy wings with a tangy blue cheese dip. Calling these chips Buffalo Chicken Wings would have been obvious. Instead, some clever food or marketing person (I’m inclined to guess it was a food person but I’m biased) rethought the idea and presented it as a collision of disparate flavours. The result is a product concept that gives people something that they already like but makes it new and fun.


9 Responses to Fightin’

  1. danamccauley says:

    If you’re reading this and you’re in Toronto, you can join the fight LIVE! at 873 Queen Street West.

  2. Beth says:

    This commercial is so funny! I love the cowboy’s rubber chicken.

    Do the chips taste good?

  3. Cheryl says:

    I must admit the comments below the Facebook video are almost funnier than the ad itself (which is, you’re right, pretty funny).

    Here’s my favorite comment:


    Now that’s a passionate response to a TV commercial.

  4. danamccauley says:

    Indeed it is a very passionate response!

    As for the taste of the chips: they are good. The blue cheese is not too strong, the hot wings not too hot. I had no trouble eating them – but then again, chips and I always hit it off.

  5. Mimi says:

    ooh! so this is what I miss without a tv. TOO FUNNY!

  6. danamccauley says:

    No TV? I would die. Seriously.

  7. adrian says:

    “In fact, when I’m watching a show on PVR and catch a glimpse of this commercial I stop and actually watch the ad.”

    Agreed – I stop at the good ads when I’m fast-forwarding too, and this is my new favourite. It’s so… odd. And quotable. “Sharp! Likeaknife!” But is that really Stanley Tucci?

    ps doesn’t the line “He’s not a clown, he’s a mime.” remind you of a certain French waiter?

  8. danamccauley says:

    Ha! Yes, that line totally reminds me of a well-loved waiter who comes from France.

    Apparently it took 12 hours to shoot this ad. I can only guess how much time they spent in the editing suite to get this end result.

  9. Funny video but an even more intriguing concept. Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip presented in such a fresh way I didn’t get the connection until you pointed it out.

    I agree with Adrian. “He’s not a clown. He’s a mime.” had me guffawing.

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