Stick tea and honey drops

Seems like we can’t get enough tea this week… up today: Stick tea and honey drops. If you aspire to being the trendiest tea granny on the block, these two new products should be on your shopping list.

• These ingenious stick shaped tea bags have an architectural look that will appeal to modern design buffs. But they aren’t just pretty; anyone who likes to make tea by the cup will be a fan of how easily these infusers can be removed from your cuppa. Best news yet: its darn fine tasting tea, too!

• Love a little dab of natural sweetness in your tea but hate to handle a sticky jar of honey? Honibe Drops are an award winning pure honey product from PEI. Because the honey is concentrated to a solid form, all the mess of enjoying honey is eliminated. What a great way to take the sting out of adding a bit of sweetness to your day.

How do you enjoy your tea? Are you a milk purist or dare to dribble in a little coffee cream?


5 Responses to Stick tea and honey drops

  1. My dad loves honey in his tea. Depending where you travel, many restaurants don’t have honey. So one vacation, we tried taking squeezable honey with us on the road. Hot car, temperamental cap, liquid goo — let’s just say it got too messy. Honibe drops would have been the perfect solution. I’ll hunt some down for our next road trip.

  2. danamccauley says:

    Great News – there is a Canadian source for a very similar line of tea called Ticolino. I bought mine at Sue’s Market in Richmond Hill but you can call their distributor to find it near you:


  3. Cheryl says:

    I love both of these ideas. Is that a metal tea infuser you fill with your own loose tea, or is it pre-filled and disposable? And I love honey and a little 2% milk (my indulgence) in my black tea. I’d definitely use the little solid honey drops. Nifty…

  4. It’s a pre-filled little baton that you use and toss just like a tea bag. Cool, isn’t it.

    And BTW, 2% is not an indulgence. Not. At. All.

  5. Where do you buy those sticks? They’re awesome.

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