Sugar is good

News that there will be a new stevia based sweetener called Truvia on the market got me thinking about how much I despise every artificial sweetener I’ve tried. They truly ruin the taste of otherwise delicious foods.

Worst of all is the taste of aspartame. It makes me want to kick puppies. Seriously, I hate the after taste it leaves behind that much.

So keep your diet coke, your sugar-free vanilla lattes and the like to yourself. I’ll treat myself to a little sugar once in a while instead.

Are you a sugar lover, too? If so, check out the Canadian Sugar Institute website where you can find out about different kinds of sugar, study the health issues surrounding this controversial food and even take a Sugar IQ test. (I got an 80% score in case you’re wondering.)


6 Responses to Sugar is good

  1. I agree about aspartame. Twenty years ago I was talking with a rep from the company that makes the stuff and he said that about 10% of people find the stuff tastes horrible. (I’m part of that group.)

    The Sugar IQ test needs to update their information about low-carb diets. There’s been news recently out of Israel of a 2-year long, highly controlled study showing it more effective than a low-fat diet and slightly more effective than a Mediterranean diet.

  2. I got 7/10 but dispute two of their answers. I think sugar does contribute to hyperactivity in (some) kids and simple sugars CAN spike your blood sugar. I found the IQ test biased. But what did I expect from a Sugar Institute? Warnings about tooth decay?

    I agree with you about artificial sweeteners. I hate aspartame and avoid Splenda because it’s so processed. While stevia is natural, most brands taste awful. I finally found one that isn’t bad and use a bit to take the edge off my morning bowl of plain yogurt. I don’t care what the Sugar Institute says, if I start my day with refined sugar I need an afternoon nap. If I avoid it in the morning my energy is constant. I cant’ back this up with paperwork…

  3. Cheryl says:

    YES! I couldn’t agree more. My hubby drinks diet sodas and I’ll occasionally take a swig if I’m super-thirsty (and he’s in the next room). I can handle the flavor of diet root beer but everything else really makes me gag.

    I also, interestingly, find that my sweet tolerance is changing as I get older. I used to put a full teaspoon of honey or sugar in my tea — now just a touch. And now I dilute my OJ in the morning with half water. It’s just too sweet. Perhaps it’s off topic, but I do think it’s interesting.

    (Scarfing cookies continues unabated. Thank goodness for small favors.)

  4. Cakespy says:

    80%!? You’re a sugar sleuth for sure!

    Have you ever read a book called The Taste of Sweet? It was pretty interesting and on that subject.
    Your comments on aspartame made me laugh out loud btw.

  5. Who would cheat on such an awesome wife?

  6. Carlos V says:

    Thank you for letting me know, I did not know…That’s crazy & why would they do that?

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