Welcome to the asylum

Although they report on a wide variety of topics beyond food, the folks at asylum.com do come up with some fun fringe food stories. I don’t recommend you subscribe to their RSS feed unless your interests also include hookers (human as well as robot), celebrity gossip and frequently updated penis and testicle news. I do recommend you pop over there once a week or so and surf their food and booze tags to find quirky yet insightful stories such as:

Competitive Eating Tips

Developments in Chili Pepper Science

Developments in Chocolate Science

Nutrition Science News

Cocktail Trends

Ten Weirdest Pizza Toppings


3 Responses to Welcome to the asylum

  1. Cheryl says:

    One has to get one’s daily fill of developments in chili science somewhere, so at least now I know where to look. Thanks (?).

  2. Ketchup and maple syrup on a pizza? And I thought the fried egg topping I encountered in Yugoslavia (way back when it was Yugoslavia) was pretty strange. Nope. This wins.

    Or loses…

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