Pantry raiders unite

For a food writer, I have a perverse love of empty pantry shelves and wide open spaces in my refrigerator. Our test kitchen develops about 600 recipes a year for our various editorial and corporate clients so we have a huge pantry management issue. (In fact, we have a team member whose business card title is Pantry Manager).

A side effect of having to cope with so much food is that I’ve developed this weird desire to have an empty refrigerator. I just love to open the fridge and see an empty shelf. It’s become synonymous with having no work to do. Weird, but true.

Perhaps that’s why I liked this post about saving money by using up your pantry supplies. Saving money, earning money – just two sides of the same cookie, right?

Keep up with Bread Chick’s pantry management experiment by following her Pantry Plan tags each week.


6 Responses to Pantry raiders unite

  1. Another interesting site.

    I (try to) keep on top of pantry clutter with a list of staples tacked to the inside of the door. I know how many to keep on hand and at what point we stock up. It works well — when we pay attention to the system. I’m not a coupon clipper and can’t imagine spending 2 hours online searching for coupons. However, her savings were impressive. Wonder if Zehrs has this kind of incentive?

  2. Cheryl says:

    I love, love, love when my fridge is empty enough that I actually feel inspired to clean it. This is an all-too rare occurrence, but it’s always completely satisfying.

    I fully respect someone who’s actually committed to using what’s in there rather than waiting for it all to turn blue.

  3. breadchick says:

    Thanks Dana for the lovely shout out. Now that I’m back home from my business trip, this week will be all about the pantry!

  4. Psychgrad says:

    Interesting…I’m think I most enjoy the process of buying food, finding ways to use it and then putting the product on a list to purchase more. Something about the food consumerism cycle reminds me of being alive.

  5. danamccauley says:

    Thank goodness we have you psychgrad – the economy needs people like you! Thanks for sharing.

  6. jasmine says:

    It’s not all that odd–I know of a CFO who hates dealing with his home finances and when a friend of mine was a clothing designer (very beautiful and vibrant fabrics were used) she dressed herself very drably. And, of course, my darling was an accountant by training, and we kept finding receipts and bills stashed everywhere…in the garage, laundry room, under the microwave….


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