Mini interviews with foodies

I’m not much for biographies. They are usually way too long and exceed my interest in their subjects by far. That’s why I like Casey Ellis’s 4 Questions 4 series of notable food professional interviews.

Unlike Bill Buford or Michael Ruhlman who create sagas by cataloging the minutia of their subjects’ childhood food phobias, professional influences and food allergies, Ellis keeps it short and sweet. In fact, her interviews are the perfect length to read while you’re waiting for a fresh pot of coffee to drip.

Among my favourite interviews by Casey:

Dorie Greenspan

Tamasin Day Lewis

Gary Kunz (not someone whose name I knew before but an interesting block, just the same!)


4 Responses to Mini interviews with foodies

  1. Another great site I’d never heard of before! I’m bookmarking this one for sure.

    I, too, am not keen on biographies, especially in light of so many embellished memoirs. That said, the one memoir worth reading is Nigel Slater’s Toast. He’s such a great writer I’d read his grocery list.

  2. Marie says:

    Thank you for making me aware of this site, it was fun to read!

  3. I initially landed on Margin Notes through one of your links and poked about that way. When I finally clicked on the most recent post, I learned the blog has now moved. Here’s the new address:

  4. Casey says:

    What a lovely referral. Thanks so very much. I’ll be posting a new mini-interview at the end of the week (if the foto arrives): David Kinch, the truly brilliant chef at Manresa in Los Gatos, CA–a Michelin 2-star restaurant.

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