Blogs by people I like

Nepotism generally has a bad name. For some reason helping friends and family advance in their careers is considered sharmy.

Well, I say ‘fie’ to that and give you a list today of blogs I like for, among other reasons, the fact that they are written by people with appealing personalities and good grammar.

1. 5 Second Rule is the blog written by Cheryl Sternman Rule who I met a year and a half ago at a writer’s workshop. Her blog is almost always funny and very often fruit filled.
2. Rona Maynard used to be my boss and although I didn’t have a lot of reason to speak to her often in those days, we’ve become frequent e-mail friends. Her posts are always wonderfully well written whether they are about food, shopping or a more serious topic such as abortion. I save her posts for when I have time to savour every word.
3. Roots and Grubs is written by Matthew Amster-Burton who I met at the same workshop Cheryl and I attended. His blog is original and quirky. He doesn’t expound or try to teach as much as he provokes thought about the everyday food experiences others might not mention.
4. Christie’s Corner is the food blog of a fellow Canadian food writer, we’ve never met but I very much enjoy our e-mail correspondence and her lively, witty writing style.
5. The Healthy Plate is written by one of my favourite people, Mairlyn Smith, PHEC. She’s very funny and smart and realizes that real people eat chocolate, too.


2 Responses to Blogs by people I like

  1. Kathryn says:

    What a treat to read Rona Maynard again.

  2. dinnerwithjulie says:

    Great… 5 more to add to my must-read list! Good thing laptops fit in bed… whatever happened to books??

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