I didn’t dare…

Although this month’s Daring Baker’s challenge was to make one of my favourite pastries, time and life conspired to prevent me from rising to the challenge.

I’ll be back in triple double dare shape for next month, but in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the handy work of other intrepid bakers. I hope you’ll sample their virtual wares, too: Daring Bakers Blogroll.


6 Responses to I didn’t dare…

  1. dinnerwithjulie says:

    Oooh.. you missed a good one! I will shove life right out of the way for cream puffs!

  2. HoneyB says:

    Sorry you missed the eclairs! If you were close by, I would have happily shared mine with you!

  3. danamccauley says:

    HoneyB you are kind! Julie, you are wise!

  4. farida says:

    Sorry you missed this challenge. But no worries, tehre is more to come, I think:)

  5. danamccauley says:

    True dat, Farida! I’ve added time to my September calendar to make sure I do this month’s challenge. It’s a good one, too!

  6. Christine says:

    Sorry that you missed this challenge. Yes it was very hot here when I made my eclairs that could be why it was such a bust!

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