Cooped up

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Readers of my regular Friday posts about gardening will know that I am an enthusiastic locavore; however, this Eglu, a UK innovation, definitely takes the concept further than I want to go.

No, I’ll let Burnbrae Farms raise the hens that lay the eggs I use to make morning omelets. It’s bad enough when the raccoons get into the garbage and the garden (more on this topic on Friday), the last thing I need is the neighbourhood fox tearing apart my chickens.

What about you, does the idea of raising chickens in an urban backyard inspire you or make you roll your eyes?

If you love this idea, you may want to sign this petition promoted by Gail Gordon Oliver at Edible Toronto.

7 Responses to Cooped up

  1. Count me in on the eye rolling. Anyone see the Wingfield series? Raising chickens isn’t easy and I don’t trust the average person with a 9 to 5 job to look after them properly.

    I’ll leave chicken rearing to the pros and buy locally raised free-range eggs from the Farmers’ Market.

  2. Kitt says:

    A few chickens aren’t any more work than a dog. Except it might be harder to find a chicken-sitter if you go out of town.

    I’ve been tempted, but I’ve got to get my garden in order first.

  3. Sheryl says:

    I am yard-less, but I’ve wanted pet chickens for years before this trend came on, mostly because I’m enamoured of the rare breeds, and would love a yard full of crested Polands all running around looking like they’re wearing froofy hats at a garden party.

    From what I’ve read about the Eglu, it’s actually really easy to use, and even allows the human to not have to touch the chickens if they don’t want to.They supposedly can be made predator-safe as well.

    However, I’ve spent much of my life with a pet bird of some kind, from finches to cockatiels, so chickens are just a different, quieter type of the same.

  4. Cheryl says:

    In my next life I’d like to raise sheep and be a cheesemaker. Chickens just don’t have the same pull for me. I guess I lack that mother hen instinct.

  5. danamccauley says:

    Chickens seem to divide people types more clearly than dogs or cats. Interesting isn’t it?

  6. Candace says:

    At first, I thought the cage was for the children. Goodness! 😛 I personally wouldn’t want chickens in my backyard. They tend to be smelly… especially cooped up. Free Range would be a different story, but my dogs would have issues then!

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