French fry holder

September 16, 2008

It’s been boring around our house in the evenings the last week or so. There is nothing on TV (next week is premier week – yeah!) and I’ve been dieting so baking cookies and coming up with creative snacks has been off my roster. How have I filled the time? Getting caught up on my reading. And look at the kind of stuff I missed while I spent the summer getting pudgy! A cup holder adapter for holding fast food French fries was invented! Amazing, isn’t it?

Despite soaring gas prices and greater awareness of how gas emissions harm the environment, we haven’t abandoned our cars. Instead, commuters who fled to the hills when faced with sky-high urban housing prices overburden our roads. Because these people spend many hours a week in their cars, the way we use our cars has changed, too.

Entertainment systems, massaging heated seats and cup holders galore are now pretty standard in most new passenger vehicles while some luxury cars now come with air chilled glove boxes and console coffee makers for people too lazy to even go through a drive through.

I personally prefer to eat at a table but I suppose it’s nice to know that if I ever become fused to the seat of my car that French fry consumption has been figured out for me.

What about you: do you eat in the car often? And, if you do, do you like it or endure it as a necessary evil?