Proudly below average

September 17, 2008

A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about how I was a couple of pounds heavier than the average Canadian woman, I was a bit chagrinned with myself since last winter I had been thin, trim and happily below average. Just like every autumn of my adult life, I had gained weight.

Well, today I’m happy to say that I am once again below average! It’s been a couple of weeks of sacrifice and quite a few laps around my neighbourhood’s park trails but I’m now more than three pounds below average weight and still six inches taller than average. As a result I’m both above and below average at the same time. It’s a happy paradox!

While I’d love to celebrate with a donut, I’m smart enough to know that moderation will be my key to long-term victory. Or, it would be if I got a new job that didn’t require me to eat all day long, to develop 30+ holiday baking recipes each May, etc.. But, I digress.

What are my slimming food secrets? They aren’t rocket science, but here are three superhero snacks that I’ve found helpful as I’ve whittled my ass down to fit back into my skinny jeans:

• Green Giant Essentials Fibre (blend with pearl barley) makes a great lunch
• Soup at Hand Garden Tomato is my afternoon snack choice when I crave a mocha mid afternoon.
• Summer Fresh Salads Snackn’ Go Hummus is just the right amount of highly flavoured protein to make salad a satisfying lunch.
• Do you have any superhero skinny snacks you can recommend?