Best buttertart quest update

I have been busy, busy, busy, gentle readers (you rough ones can read on, too).

In the last three weeks I’ve sampled over a dozen buttertarts made by commercial and independent bakeries, read scores of buttertart recipes and made countless batches of pastry in my home kitchen. (And yes, I know that the people who remember my Perfectionista Annonymous post from a few weeks ago are shaking their heads. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I’ve become obsessed. I have made some progress: my kitchen is kind of sticky and I’m doing okay with that fact so I’m on the right track, right?). My freezer door is bulging, my ears are ringing from all the sugar and I may have early stage scurvy symptoms but I am still energized and ready to fulfill my sugar gilt destiny.

Above is the latest iteration in my quest for THE PERFECT BUTTERTART recipe. It isn’t quite there yet. I’m happy with the crust: flaky, tender and just savoury enough to offset a sweet filling nicely. The perfect filling continues to elude me. I had a filling several tests ago that had the perfect texture but not the perfect flavour. The current one is a little too runny and a bit too tangy (I added lemon juice to balance sweetness and went a bit far. I chalk the impulse up to scurvy related cravings).

I feel success is imminent so stay tuned! I hope to unveil my quintessential buttertart in the next week or two. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.


4 Responses to Best buttertart quest update

  1. Ah, butter tarts. I don’t want to discourage you but I think what each person views as perfect depends on what they grew up eating. I love mine made with vinegar and not too runny. No corn syrup please. Others love theirs runny. Raisins? No raisins? Nuts? Coconut? Big or bite-sized?

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve had “the world’s best butter tart” only to be disappointed. The baker truly believed they made the best, but the were operating on different criteria.

    I’m looking forward to your final verdict, but know from past experience that my family will insist on my mother’s recipe when it comes time to do the Christmas baking. Some traditions just can’t be changed. They nearly mutinied when I fiddled with the Nanaimo Squares. I don’t date alter the butter tarts.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Canadian Living has a maple butter tart that I’ve been intrigued by. Charmian’s comments are right on. Hubby and I were debating the merits of raisins in butter tarts just the other day.

  3. danamccauley says:

    While I think you two are correct that the matter must be subjective, remember that I am using my ‘highly scientific’ taste test results to guide me to the holy grail of tarts:

    And, what I’ve learned from my bakery canvassing is that although there are a lot of great home made tarts out there, the bought stuff is generally pretty grim. Who knows? Maybe I’ll turn my expertise to profit by becoming a butter tart mogul? Then I can set the benchmark for those who have never had a homemade tart [insert evil laugh here].

  4. Hélène says:

    I can’t wait to read more about it. I’m happy with my recent recipe discovery for my crust. Now I’m with you with the filling. There’s so many different one to try out there, it’s just to find the best combination that works for me. Hope you’ll find a good one that I can try.

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