Watching the pumpkin turn orange

Wow! Looking back over this week’s posts, I see that I’ve turned into a grocery concierge or something. Fortunately, your wallets are safe with today’s post since it’s all about my pumpkin.

That’s right. This crop has produced a singular fruit. As in one lone pumpkin. Oliver and I planted a lot of pumpkin seeds and transferred three sturdy plants out to the garden in spring but alas, only one plant survived (and thrived) and it only produced one pumpkin. But what a pumpkin it is – behold its long faced future jack-o-lantern’s beauty!

Who could ask for more? Certainly not I!

Now I just need to keep it safe until Halloween. Any advice? Should we leave the pumpkin on the vine? Or, should I cut it off and put it in the cold cellar? Your advice is appreciated.

7 Responses to Watching the pumpkin turn orange

  1. Christine says:

    Is the rind hard? I think you can wait another week or two or you could see how big it will get and enter it in a contest! The one lonely pumpkin looks beautiful in color. Your garden definitely did better then mine.

  2. danamccauley says:

    Sorry your garden didn’t do well this year Christine. My success was patchy at best: lots of tomatoes, not a single carrot; a few Chernobyl sized cucumbers but few worth eating; racoon ravaged corn but lots and lots of great lettuce….you never know with a garden!

    Thanks for the advice about the rind. I checked and it is very firm. I stood the pumpkin up though since a lot of snails seemed to be living under it and i know they ate weird holes into a lot of my tomatoes.

  3. No advice. It’s been years since we attempted pumpkins. All I remember is that they romped all over and threatened to eat the neighbourhood cat. We might have even lost a parking space thanks to the wandering vine.

    If all else fails, you can harvest it and store it in a cool, dark place.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  4. Rosa says:

    It’s great to grow your own pumpkins! A wonderful veggie!



  5. ann says:

    hey, that’s just like my tomato plants this year….one lonely little tomato, barely even turned red.

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