Brown bagging trends up

October 16, 2008

As would be expected, when the economy tightens up, frugality becomes a big trend. Not only has the canned meat product Spam seen a huge sales spike since the mortgage crash in the US, but carrying your lunch has become more popular, too as the economies on both sides of the border have suffered. Even Ivanka Trump is joining the brown bag brigade.

Recent research shows that 93% of people who take their lunch do so to save money while 68% make the choice for health and nutrition reasons. I fall into that second category; however, an added incentive for me is that the food I make myself is usually much more delicious than the stuff I can buy easily.

This brown bag survey (conducted by market research group NPD) also found that the top three items in lunch boxes were reported to be sandwiches, frozen entrées and yogurt. Although I keep Green Giant Essentials in the freezer at work for emergency afternoon snacks, I would never even think of packing a frozen entrée for my lunch. But, then again, I don’t buy frozen entrées generally. My own lunch is most often veggies (cooked or a salad), often with tuna salad or hummus on top. Some days it’s a simpler salad with a yogurt and an apple (like yesterday’s lunch pictured above).

How often do you pack a lunch and what makes it into your lunch bag? Is your menu typical or do you pack a lunch bag full of fresh ideas?