Movie Friday: Frito’s not for today’s lunchbox

When I was growing up, it was great to be a kid. Petroleum based cheese products like Squeeze-a-Snack could be squirted right into your mouth(!) and Tang crystals gave us permission to drink Kool Aid for breakfast. If the food didn’t harm us, we could play with any of a number of dangerous toys such as Clackers and Lawn Darts; all these easily purchased food and amusement options made life for the under 12 set a daily adventure. Today’s kids live in Boresville by comparison! 

In fact, according to this article, childhood foods are becoming downright healthy and increasingly less childlike.  While I applaud this movement when I have my motherly hat on, I do get a kick out of remembering the wacky way marketers spoke to me as a kid. In my day, potato chips were almost a food group and lunch was supposed to be fun, not stylish or good for you. 

So, in the spirit of nostalgia, I present for your viewing pleasure, this commercial jingle that I often sang while dangling, 5-feet above concrete, upside down from rusty playground monkey bars.


8 Responses to Movie Friday: Frito’s not for today’s lunchbox

  1. Rosa says:

    A cute commercial! I grew up on a very healthy diet, that’s why I now sometimes indulge in all the great unhealthy food I missed during my childhood ;-P…



  2. I’d forgotten that jingle. Now it will run through my head all day.

    And suddenly, I crave corn chips…

  3. Contessa says:

    I have a love hate relationship with that commercial. It came our during a time when my mother “discovered” tofu. So all we could do is drool at the tv after that!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I’ve never been much of a salty snack person, but put Fritos (or Pringles) infront of me, and I can’t stop myself. I was at a barbecue a month ago and the guy sitting next to me was eating Fritos, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his bag. Ten minutes later I had to buy my own. I hadn’t eaten them in probably 10 years and probably won’t for 10 more, but they really hit the spot at that moment.

    That’s why I don’t keep the stuff in my house!

  5. Natashya says:

    I remember that commercial. From tv at grandma’s. Hippie mother so no tv, no fritos, I’m afraid. I think I might look for some now, in protest. (!)
    I do remember the rusty old monkey bars, don’t forget the cracked concrete to break your fall! Oh, and swinging on the swings hard enough to make that one un-secured leg hop out…… good times.

  6. Heather says:

    Don’t forget the teeter totters, there’s hardly any around any more. My son’s school is a nutrition positive school… no junk like the kids I went to school with took for lunches. I remember taking raw noodles and tang crystals for lunch, it was “the” lunch to have in about grade five. I wouldn’t have survived lunch time in the peanut free environment they need to have now… that was about all I’d eat for most of my school lunches. And oh the candy after halloween, I’m sure that some of my friends ate only candy for lunches for a while after halloween, my son was allowed to take two small candies each day for the week after halloween. Times have changed.

  7. marye says:

    I totally agree….it is good to be safe but sometimes we turn kids into big wimps…Man..I was all ready a teen ager when that commercial hit..:/

  8. danamccauley says:

    I loved teeter totters – but they could totally knock the wind out of you if your cousin Christine decided she wanted to play Barbies, NOW! (yes, that is a repressed memory springing to the surface!)

    And our backyard swings used to literally walk across the yard by the end of a Saturday afternoon.

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