Ruth’s Halifax haunts

December 4, 2008

img_2247Two or three times a year, I take a whirlwind tour of Canada to appear on morning TV shows and spread the news about the latest food and eating trends. These trips are fast and furious. In fact, since last Tuesday, I’ve been in Ottawa, Halifax, St. John’s, Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary. Needless to say, a schedule like this one leaves little time free for sightseeing and soaking up the local culture.

To compensate for my lack of time to experience the flavours and food finds in these cities, I often fall back on a local expert to let me know what I need to see and where I need to go. If I run out of time (as is often the case) at least I have a great list of reccos to keep for the future and to share with others.

In Halifax my ‘go to it’ girl is Ruth Daniels; who migrated to this coastal city several years ago. Ruth and I met at Trident for a cup of Joe and a chinwag last week. Then I conned her in to driving me to the TV station by saying I wanted to interview her about her recently adopted hometown. Here are her top foodie finds in Halifax. If you need more info than I can provide here with links, drop by She’ll be happy to give you more info!

Eating out in Halifax:
Brooklyn Warehouse: great value and great quality at every meal, the burger (and all other menu items) contains mostly local ingredients.
Jane’s on the Common: A welcoming looking eatery. All dishes are served with fresh local vegetables when possible.
Turkish Delight: this eatery uses authentic Turkish ingredients to create memorable meals on Spring Garden Road.
Julien’s Pastries: this Hydrostone market bakery makes great croissants.
Coastal Cafe: owned by an accomplished chef, this eatery features a casual atmosphere and excellent dishes. The curry is apparently worth the trip.

Food Shopping in Halifax:
Although still developing, Ruth says that the range of ethnic focused grocers in Halifax is impressive. Here are a few of her favourite places to shop:
Persian Bazaar
The Italian Gourmet: the artisan sausage is worth the trip alone.
Tiashan Market: for authentic Asian ingredients.
Indian Groceries: the name kind of says it all, right?