Christmas gift idea for coffee drinkers: Bentwood cuff

lg-cuff9Every once in a while I find myself delighted with a new product that I can imagine myself truly using. Such is the case with this clever device that can be worn as jewelry when you aren’t drinking coffee or used to replace the environmentally wasteful sleeves that insulate your hand while you hold a paper coffee cup.  Style, function and sustainability: A design trifecta!

How much would you pay for a product like this one?  If I told you it was about $70 would you see the value or deem it an over-priced novelty?

16 Responses to Christmas gift idea for coffee drinkers: Bentwood cuff

  1. Natashya says:

    I would choke on my coffee if you told me that the coffee bracelet was more than $20. But, having worked in Yorkville years ago, I can tell you that some people will buy it no matter what the price. 😉

  2. Rosa says:

    A great idea! They look really classy, but I find their price excessive. I would pay no more than 20-30 $ for one…



  3. I was intrigued by this product but must say the $70 price tag is too much and it solves only half the issue. The cardboard coffee sleeves are recyclable, so I don’t feel $70 worth of guilty, and you’re STILL throwing away the cup.

    I was curious about the wood they used and popped over to their site. Gotta say I was shocked to find one of these coffee cuffs is made from ebony, which is listed as endangered or vulnerable.

  4. Ooops. I take back my comment about the ebony. Poked about the site more and apparently the wood they use is reclaimed architectural veneer.

  5. danamccauley says:

    Phew! I was freakin’ out about the ebony and wondering how I missed that bit of info.

  6. Jennifer MacKenzie says:

    These are fantastic. As I read the first part of the article I was ready to order a dozen…until I got to the price. $70 is pretty steep unless you pitch as a bracelet that doubles as a coffee cuff.
    That said, we’ve been trying to train our customers (at our cafe) to bring their own travel mugs without much success so it’s doubtful many people would remember to bring something like this. We’ve switched to compostable take-out cups and containers to help combat the waste.

  7. Elra says:

    They look beautiful, and have double duty, but I think they are a bit too expensive.
    I would not mind to pay for $15 or $20 max.

  8. Beth says:

    SHould I feel like a spend thrift when I admit that I would buy one of these cuffs just to use as a bracelet? I love them! The coffee cup usage is just a bonus in my opinion.

  9. Margot says:

    Love this item! I don’t think the $70 is too much, especially if you think about it as a beautiful bracelet first — $70 is reasonable for such a piece of jewelry. The problem is if your coffee or tea is a daily addiction — as it is for many of us — would you really wear this bracelet every day? Don’t think so. However, I suppose it’s small enough to toss in your bag even if you aren’t wearing it. Even though the paper sleeves are recyclable, they still need to be made in mass quantities and shipped many places so I think this item wins hands down on style and enviro.

  10. Diva says:

    I’m in love with the dark one – but I’d need to try it on first before springing for it. If I liked the way it looked as a bracelet, then sure, I’d go for it. It wouldn’t get much use in the coffee department … I’m a tea girl and prefer brewing at home.

    Neat idea though … if it were less expensive it would make a cool stocking-stuffer.

  11. Kris says:

    Sorry but I don’t see anything environmentally friendly about this! Ditch the paper cup!

  12. Heather says:

    I ain’t payin’ no 70 bucks for that!

  13. danamccauley says:

    Kris – you make a good (and obvious) point.

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. Another interesting point raised today at the test kitchen by a co-worker is that she wouldn’t want to wear the same bracelet everyday either.

    edited to add: Oops! Margot, you made the same comment – sorry! Then again, I didn’t really lie since you and I were co-workers way, way back, right?

  14. Jude says:

    I could actually see myself using this too. 70$ though? I’d be really pissed if it warped or cracked or something.

  15. Cheryl says:

    Am I the only one honest enough to admit that the likelihood of my inadvertently tossing this thing out as I threw away my cuff makes this a supremely risky $70 item? Here’s how the scene would play out:

    Woman tosses disposable coffee cup with cuff attached.
    Woman gets in car and drives away.
    Woman returns in a panic 10 minutes later.
    Woman digs wildly through the accumulated trash, splattering herself with coffee and debris in the process.

    Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

  16. danamccauley says:

    I never even thought of that Cheryl, but I can totally see me doing that, too.

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