Cookies for Santa


When I was a little girl, my brother Vincent and I always left out both a treat for Santa and one for the reindeer before we let our parents nestle us snug in our beds on Christmas Eve.

Every year it was the same menu, a glass of milk and an assortment of my mom’s holiday baking for Santa. On the plate we’d place a date square and both a hermit and a chocolate nut drop cookie. (I think all the recipes came from the Five Roses Cookbook!) Although Santa’s health wasn’t a concern, our snack choice for the reindeer was always a healthy one: carrots.

What happens at your house? Should Santa expect a surprise or will your children give him the same thing as last year? Or, do you offer Santa unconventional refreshment? (For instance, I know of a mother – a lover of coca cola – who always encouraged the children to leave Santa a coke to wash down his cookies.)


4 Responses to Cookies for Santa

  1. I love the snowman cookie! Great hat.

    We don’t leave out cookies because the cats might get into them. Santa loves animals and understands. He still visits and assures us that he will get plenty of snacks at other houses. He said the McCauley family makes the best cookies on his route. I thought he was talking about my mother-in-law’s family (her maiden name is McCauley) but now I think he was referring to YOU.

    Merry Christmas, Dana.

  2. danamccauley says:

    Char – you have the Christmas spirit in abundance – love your comment!

  3. Terry says:

    You two are hilarious!! We always used to leave out cookies and carrots as well. My dad would always try for beer but we never believed that Santa would go for beer over milk and cookies, lol.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Too funny, I always left carrots as a kid. I thought I was being extra nice in thinking of the reindeer. Hope you had a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

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