The goodness of sprouted grains

sprouted20grainsYou’ve likely resolved to choose some healthier eating options in the new year. I can imagine that omega 3, probiotic and vitamin D rich foods are on your list but what about sprouted grains?

For several months, sprouted grain bread recipes and products have been easing onto my trend tracker’s radar screen. To be honest, I haven’t tried bread made with sprouted grains and, until I read this article, I wasn’t entirely sure why I should.

According to the reporter’s research, people who have trouble digesting traditional breads find sprouted grains easier to digest. Likewise, these breads contain more protein and fibre than a usual loaf.

I’m still learning about how sprouted grains are used as ingredients and found this material on the Silver Hills Bakery website interesting.

Have you tried sprouted grain bread? If so, how did it taste? If not, will you try it now that it is becoming more widely available?


16 Responses to The goodness of sprouted grains

  1. Rosa says:

    I bet that is a healthy loaf! I’ve never tried that kind of bread…



  2. Natashya says:

    I made a sprouted bread this summer for the first time. It was so moist and delicious, and you get to feel like a witch, sprouting the grains in your home.

  3. I haven’t tried sprouted grains, but my sisters gets a CSA delivery and one contained sunflower sprouts. They were delicious in salad. Clearly, I need to expand this healthy habit to my baking.

    Sprouters were a big craze back in the 80s for bean and alfalfa sprouts. Maybe they’ll come back again with some design improvements. Nothing worse that rotten sprouts!

  4. danamccauley says:

    Sounds like you and I are at the same level of initiation Char. Too bad you don’t live a little closer; then we could get together for a baking bee.

  5. Elra says:

    Yes I have Dana! but only mung beans, because I use it a lot for my Indonesian and Indian cooking. I really want to try to sprouts other bean/grains as well, like alfafa!

  6. Diva says:

    Here in the US we have a brand of sprouted grain breads called Ezekiel 4:9. They make a wide variety of products that are flour-less, organic, and high in protein … and I love them! I especially like their tortillas which I use in place of corn or wheat tortillas. I think they’re delicious. I’ve not undertaken the sprouting of my own grains though I’m impressed that others have!

  7. Karen M says:

    Dana, I survived on Silver Hills sprouted grain bread while I was pregnant!! With gestational diabetes I had to really watch my carbs and this bread was a fantastic ‘alternative’ to the usual carb-laden breads that I loved to eat.

  8. danamccauley says:

    You guys have inspired me – I’m going shopping tomorrow for this bread and I’m taking it with me to Canada AM on Friday to taste on air!

  9. Roxanne says:

    I have not tried it yet, but it sounds good, so next time I’m at the store I will try to look for this!

  10. Heather says:

    I tried it once when it was first on the market, and must say that I didn’t appreciate the taste, or was it the texture of the bread…I’m bad, I love my white bread, but only bakery bread mind you. It stems from someone once packing the bounce in with the bread when I was younger, I can’t help but smell and taste bounce when I have much else for bread, yuck! If sprouted bread is higher in protien though, I should really give it another chance, maybe I’ll try it again next time I buy bread.

  11. Cheryl says:

    Hmm, my question would be: is it relatively soft (not squishy-soft, but soft enough that I won’t dislodge my fillings) or rock-hard? I know that raw foodists are very into sprouting things. The only thing I consistently sprout is old garlic, and that’s completely unintentional.

  12. Karen M says:

    Just as a sidenote, Costco in BC carries Silver Hills bread, not sure if they do in Ontario yet.

  13. danamccauley says:

    Thanks! I picked up some Stonemill bread today and will try it tomorrow on air. : )

  14. Ray says:

    I tried Ezekiel brand sprouted grain cinnamon raison bread for the first time last night. It is heavier than most bread, undoubtedly due to not using flour. I expected something a bit hard with some hard pieces, but instead it tastes slightly nutty, with a texture only slightly harder than wheat bread. It is not soft and spongy like white bread, but anyone who has had whole grain wheat bread or some of the fancier dinner rolls at restaurants would not find this weird in my opinion. It is not all that different from regular flour-based bread.

  15. tzatziki recipe…

    […]The goodness of sprouted grains « Dana McCauley’s food blog[…]…

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