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I know it’s hard to imagine that spring is around the corner, but the truth is, if you’re planning an early summer wedding, now is the busy time when all the decisions about food, flowers and other details need to be made.

Although I’m not an expert on bridal trends, I have noticed that among the brides I know personally, that making your wedding a true reflection of yourself is becoming more and more common.

Featured in the picture at left is Pangaea Restaurant pastry chef Colen Van Nice-Quinn. Although her wedding took place over a year ago, I love that she prioritized making her own cake.   Here she is just a few hours before the wedding adding a few finishing touches to the frosting before she got glammed up. Not only was Colen’s cake as delicious as it looks, guests loved knowing that the bride had made the cake and that the groom had made the stand for it – it really personalized their wedding wonderfully!

My friend Amy is getting married this summer and, like Colen, she’s doing things on her own terms. In fact, she’s ditching speeches and cake since she doesn’t like either one. Although I’m sad that I won’t get to say a few words at her wedding, I know that whatever dessert she chooses for the day will be fabulous. (Since I plan to throw her a  shower, I can serve cake and speechify to my heart’s content then if I like – I may even lock the front door so that no one can leave while I go on at length!).

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19 Responses to Independent brides

  1. Charmaine Broughton says:

    Your blogs ROCK! These may be your best words yet….to all you “brides to be” out there: please find the inner “independant bride” in yourself, I beg you: dare to do something different then the text book “I do’s” if you really want to make memories.

  2. danamccauley says:

    Charmain B – you are the original Independent Bride as I recall. Glad you liked my post!

  3. I love personalized cakes (or non-cakes at weddings). I, too, ditched the traditional 3-tiered tower of white and instead made a croquembouche of homemade chocolate truffles. While the end result was wonderful, we did have a few challenges along the way.

  4. Just noticed that Charmaine B and I are the first non-McCauley commenters, How confusing is THAT?!

  5. danamccauley says:

    Very confusing for people who don’t know you both and can read the comments picturing both of your faces!

    Thanks for linking to your croquembouche – fun!

  6. basicallybaked says:

    What does it say on her tiara?

  7. danamccauley says:

    I think it says “Bridezilla”. That wasn’t what Colen wore for her wedding but the tiara her friend bought her for her Bachelorette party.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Wait, is everyone in Canada named Charmian/Charmaine?

    I think making your own wedding cake is super cool. I would have rather impaled myself on a giant skewer than attempt such a daring feat, but for the professionals I can think of no better way to infuse some personality into traditional wedding festivities. Plus, if the bride makes the cake you know it HAS to be good.

  9. danamccauley says:


    My name will be Charmian or Charmaine by this time next week. Instead of a bail out package for our banks, the government is just making us all change our names to one of these two so that the banks can cut down on filing and printing costs.

  10. Hi Dana,

    Thank you for including Bridetiquette! I strive to make it not just ‘another bridal blog’ but one full of original content, and guidance on how to troubleshoot through the overwhelming feelings of being a Bride to Be.

  11. Diva says:

    What a great photo and great advice too. Cake looks awesome as well. If I were to marry again (and I’m not planning to, think I’ll keep my first husband!) I would definitely do my own cake. I did my brother’s wedding cake and it was gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Its the personal touches that really make a wedding special.

    On another note, for a short period of time I thought I’d make a business out of doing custom wedding cakes … but after the bride who insisted I match the color of the frosting to her dress … I opted out! LOL

  12. Heather says:

    While it would cut down on costs for banks and such, can you imagine the nightmare it would be to have everyone change their names to one of two names? Not to mention the $ it would cost…reminds me of the gun registry.

    We had two cakes for our wedding, a fancy one mainly for photos (I loved it), and the extra one to be eaten. I was not thinking about the fact that instead of a huge meal, we had a tea with little sandwiches and lots of sqares…the extra cake was hardly touched…so it was donated to a seniors home…I hope they enjoyed it. I’ve noticed that many people opt not to eat wedding cake anymore…I was brought up that it is rude to leave a wedding reception before the cake was served, and you had eaten at least a small piece.

  13. Elra says:

    She is definitely a super bride. I am so impress that she didn’t even look stress.

  14. Amy says:

    It is true – I don’t really want cake… any ideas for a cool, easy dessert alternative for an outdoor farm wedding?

  15. danamccauley says:

    I guess cupcakes aren’t the suggestion you’re looking for. : P

    How about a chilled mousse dessert made in single serve portions? Amadeus makes gorgeous little single serve Tiramisus. I might be able to get you a deal.

  16. Amy : I have an idea for your outdoor farm wedding – how about Strawberry Shortcake? I’m a planner – and have seen this done a few times, very popular – and fits well with a farm theme. HTH!

  17. Amy says:

    Finally catching up on Dana’s blog…

    Thanks for your suggestions both – I love Tiramisu (so does my mom) and Strawberry Shortcakes could be lovely too -although my wedding is late August and a bit late in the season for local strawberries.

    Maybe fresh peach shortcakes could be an alternative…

  18. Sabrina says:

    Mmmm – peaches!

  19. lyndsay says:

    yay! i learned to bake after my wedding… ! now i would absolutely make my own! so fun. i can’t wait til more of my pals get married so i can offer this beautiful service… !

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