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There are literally thousands of kitchen gadgets available on the market. While some (such as vegetable peelers and timers) are ubiquitous in every home kitchen, there are tools that appeal to cooks who share certain enthusiasms (such as specialty ice cream scoops) and others that are not very popular today but will be soon.

Here’s my prediction for items that you may not have in your kitchen now but may consider during 2009.

1. Salt cellars to hold artisan salts
2. Smoker boxes and smoking apparatus for conventional grills
3. Cedar grill wrapping sheets
4. Ipod/Nintendo DS/iphone to use as timers, for recipe storage and for making shopping lists
5. Mortar and pestle or an electric spice grinder for grinding specialty pepper

What gadgets or kitchen tools do you think will become more popular? Likewise, what underrated kitchen gadget do you recommend?


13 Responses to Gadget love

  1. I’m a gadget geek and haven’t heard of smoker boxes. Intriguing!

    I’ve blog about handy and not-so-handy gadgets as I discover them, but my top 3 picks are:

    My ginger grater. I know you can use a microplane, but I find they juice the ginger too much and don’t leave enough pulp.

    The Baby Boa Constrictor, which is actually a plumbing tool. I’ve weak hands and can’t open jars without it.

    And, of course, my latte whip is used every morning.

  2. danamccauley says:

    Char, you must get a smoker box: it’s a perforated cast iron jobby that sits under your gas grill grate. You fill it with soaked wood chips and it makes delicious smoke while you grill. I bought mine at Home Hardware a few years ago for less than $20.

    I have an even better latte device that I love! I bought it at Kitchen Stuff Plus and it makes great foam with no noise and no batteries:

  3. Natashya says:

    I think a digital scale is a must have for the kitchen. Baking by weight is so much more accurate – and having one allows you to use European cookbooks.

  4. I have a Bradley smoker from BC ( so I don’t need the various attachments to grills for smoking, and my various salts just sit in small, inexpensive, glass, covered bowls ( But my iPod Touch is my new best friend in the kitchen. Besides the myriad of applications for free at the Apple App Store I’ve written a couple of custom bookmarklets for measurement conversions and brine calculations. One of these days, I’ll write an article about it.

  5. Diana says:

    Just looking at your list, and I think so many people out there are still clueless about all the cooking-related applications that are available for Apple products. There is a whole list of apps available for download on their site, like the Steak Cooking Timer and Mobile Calorie Counter.

    The best smoker I saw has to be the one chef Michael Smith made from a filing cabinet, where he was hanging the meat with the slots for the hanging folders. 🙂

  6. hey great, thanks for this it has really helped me

    cheers, kevin

  7. Diva says:

    I agree about the digital scale … and a good regular scale too. I love my mortar and pestle and my current salt cellar … its a lovely little ramekin, that previous held some spectacular cheese I picked up when last in Paris.

  8. danamccauley says:

    I use my scale regularly, too. I have a cute little slater digital scale at home that I quite like.

  9. We bought a beautiful wall mounting salt cellar from Williams Sonoma a few months ago and have been in love with them ever since.

  10. Kevin says:

    I am already out of space in my kitchen. Must not buy any more gadgets… The mortar and pestle does come in handy.

  11. Chantal says:

    How does a Nintendo DS help? I have one, and I don’t know how it has a timer or make a list… Is it a certain game?

  12. danamccauley says:

    Chantal, there are ads in a bunch of food magazines promoting Nintendo DS cartridges that have recipes and cooking tools on them. Here’s a link to info about it:

    Kevin my solution for you is to move to a house with a bigger kitchen. Simple!

  13. Paullinne says:

    For a good result, having a weighing scale and a timer is a good idea. 😛

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