Happy together

My, oh, my how things have changed since I was growing up and our house had one telephone on the wall in our hallway! I didn’t even have an answering machine until midway through university. Today I have cordless phones all around my house, an iphone, voicemail, email, a blog, a website and a handful of social networking accounts. Who knew that in the new century I’d be easier to find than I was when I was 7 years old and only allowed to play in my own yard!

Of course, there’s an upside to all this technology and that is that we can all stay in touch and communicate with one another much more easily than when people relied on the Pony Express.

If you’re happy with our relationship the way it is, that’s great! I love seeing you here, too. But, if you want to know how to connect in other ways that the age of technology offers, you can also find me through these other channels:

Facebook: wanna be friends? Just type in my name and you’ll find me!
Topline Trends Newsletter: sign up and get a notice when each quarterly issue is published (the Spring issue will come out in April).
Linkedin: If you’re a food professional, let’s join each other’s networks.
Twitter: I’m just getting the hang of twitter but feel free to follow me anyhow!
FoodBuzz: Got a food blog? Connect with me on Foodbuzz!
Foodie Index: wondering if I’m the right fit to write a story or create recipes for you? Check out my credentials in this directory.


One Response to Happy together

  1. Yup. I feel the same. I think I’m on all those sites, too. And when I was a kid, telephone calls were limited to 10 minutes because the phone was for important conversations, not chatting.

    Oh… times have changed!

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