Dana’s stuffed flatbread quest


I like pitas; I adore naan; I’ve often drooled over pizza and I’m no stranger to the chapatti; but, my favourite flatbread of all time is the cottage cheese and dill stuffed concoction my Baba used to make. We called it (bear with my phonetic spelling, please!) plah-chee-nitz. Although she was a Ukrainian cook, Baba said this bread recipe was Romanian. Regardless, I’ve never been able to duplicate her recipe and my efforts to track down a substitute have failed me – that is, until now!

Pictured above is an Egyptian bread that I picked up from the Al Madina Restaurant in Waterloo; the owner there calls it muhajaba bread but that hasn’t helped me to track down the recipe. Sigh. It’s so good! Flaky, tender, delicious on its own as a snack as well as for a light lunch, (pictured above) topped with some of Al Madina’s baba ganouj.

Have you ever made bread like this one? If so, can you share the recipe?


9 Responses to Dana’s stuffed flatbread quest

  1. This looks fantastic. At first I thought it was a Greek dish, but there’s so much crossover with cuisines, I’m sure there are dozens of regional variations.

    I love this kind of thing too. I’ve no idea about the recipe but if I come across something I’ll let you know.

  2. Recipe man says:

    looks amazing!
    ill something like this aswell


  3. Wish I could help, that looks delicious. Hope you can find and share the recipe.

  4. Julie says:

    Dana, I’ve never had this flatbread, but it really reminds me of my Polish grandmother’s pierogi. Interesting! The bread dough in your photo even looks like her pierogi dough. She stuffed it with a cottage cheese-style local farmers cheese purchased near her home outside pittsburgh. And the dill also goes along with that Eastern European, Russian cuisine. I hope you find the recipe!

  5. Cheryl A says:

    Hmm, let me look through my Ukrainian cookbooks and ask my mom – our resident Baba.

  6. Diva says:

    I sure hope a recipe will turn up, Dana. Your Baba’s bread sounds magnificent – and the Egyptian one sure looks inviting. Right up my alley.

  7. I also tried it at Al-Madina’s ….it can be had in a few places around Kitchener and Waterloo. Some students where I work identified it as Mafrouk. Just stuff the bread with spinach and goat cheese. The Arabesque on Victoria St has alternate stuffed versions also. I now make this at home.

  8. The reviewer Sylvia Van Der Heide noted that it might be Mafrouk. I was just looking at a mafrouk recipe, and the reviews on that recipe noted that it’s also called Muhajib: http://muslimahinsolace.blogspot.com/2012/07/food-i-make-and-eat-mafrouk-moroccan.html

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