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You know that too-often asked question about what you’d take to a desert island? Yeah, that one. Well, I’d take cheese. Me loves it in all of its various forms, strengths and textures.

So, not surprisingly, when the Dairy Farmers of Canada popped by the test kitchen last week with a selection of this year’s award winning Canadian artisan-made cheeses, I didn’t turn them away. Instead, our team canceled its lunch plans and sat down to this gorgeous spread of dairy goodness. We made a salad to go with the cheese but no one touched it (not even Amy and she’s an expert on culinary nutrition!)

All of these cheeses were excellent so I recommend you look for them this summer when you’re preparing a cheeseboard to share with your friends. Clockwise, from the bottom right hand corner, these cheeses are:

Evanturel (Thornloe Cheese) is a brie style cheese with a line of vegetable ash running through its centre. This cheese was our favourite for its truly milky taste and clean finish.
Cows Extra Old Cheddar (Cows Inc.), a firm cheese with no rind and an almost smooth texture. Aged for flavour but not astringently strong like some other old Cheddars.
Le Ciel de Charlevoix (La maision d’affinage Maurice Dufour Inc.). Creamy, whole milk cheese with a pleasant strength. Very delicious!
Island Bries (Little Qualicom Cheeseworks Ltd.) is a creamy, sweet Brie that is perfect to pair with fruit.
Kenogami (Fromagerie Lehmann) is a washed rind cheese with an herbal scent and rich, creamy mouth feel. Perfect with a slice of green apple or walnuts.


14 Responses to Cheeseboard maker

  1. These sound amazing. Will they ship out of province? The Cows extra old cheddar is from PEI and aged cheddar is one of my father’s absolute faves.

  2. Amy Snider says:

    The Evanturel was definitely my favourites although I enjoyed all of the cheeses. It was so silky and creamy and smooth!

  3. danamccauley says:

    That’s a good question. I’ll ask the PR person who sent the cheeses what the availability will be across Canada.

  4. Cheryl A says:

    I’m with Charmian, I was going to ask about the cheddar. Me can’t ever get enough cheddar. I bought some Sylvan Star aged cheddar at the market on the weekend. Guess what I’m having this afternoon for my tea?

  5. Rosa says:

    I LOVE cheese and could not live without that gorgeous product!



  6. cheryl says:

    Ooh, I could have sworn that Evanturel was a morbier, one of my favorite cheeses. I wonder if they’re related? But the real question is: Why didn’t the Wine Board of Canada stop by at the same time?

  7. danamccauley says:

    Just heard back from the DF of C PR rep:

    “Hi Dana. Cows is licensed federally and I’ve seen it in cheese shops in Toronto.

    Your readers can ask their local cheese shop about it to see if they carry it. I’ll also get the info on ordering it and send that your way.

    Thank you…glad you liked the cheese!


  8. Diva says:

    Now that’s my idea of a perfect lunch … lucky you! Love the sound of that Evanturel. Wow!

  9. Natashya says:

    Mmm, I love cheese too. Bread’s best friend. Add a bottle of wine and we have the perfect picnic.

  10. […] danamccauley placed an interesting blog post on Cheeseboard maker « Dana McCauley's food blogHere’s a brief overviewAll of these cheeses were excellent so I recommend you look for them this summer when you’re preparing a cheeseboard to share with your friends. Clockwise, from the bottom right hand corner, these cheeses are: … […]

  11. Hélène says:

    I’m hungry now. I can survive on cheeses. I like them all. I like to serve them with a nice Pepper Jelly.

  12. Kevin says:

    I have been wanting to get into local Ontario or Canadian cheeses more. It is always so daunting when you walk into a cheese shop and there is so much selection. I normally walk out to the old standards because I know what they are. I think I will have to look for a local cheese club or something.

  13. danamccauley says:

    Kevin, I know what you mean! Have you seen Gurth Pretty’s book: Guide to Canadian Artisan Cheese? It might be just what you need.

    Also, if you’d like to come out the IACP Toronto event next week at Hart House, one of the presenters will be Cole Snell, a Canadian cheese expert:

  14. Engaging post. Will definitely visit soon.

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