Breaking (good!) news


Photo Credit: Tracy Cox

In what can only be called a serendipitous turn of events, it has come to my attention that June 1st, besides being Doughnut Day, is also the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s World Milk Day.

While Canada’s love of milk seems to be sadly under represented on the roster of events planned for June 1st , you can commemorate and celebrate the goodness of a cold, tall glass of bone-strengthening milk at the same time as you celebrate Doughnut Day.

All I can say is: don’t just do it; do it and tell two friends!

4 Responses to Breaking (good!) news

  1. Beth says:

    FInally! A reason to look forward to Monday. Doughnuts and Milk. Now all they have to do is announce that June 1 is also wear you pj’s day and I’ll be a happy woman.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Not so crazy about doughnuts (sorry, all) — they taste like deep fried dough to me. I love milk though. I’ll be certain to have an extra glass on Monday.

    Happy June Everyone.

  3. Milk and donuts go together, so combining these events makes perfect sense!

    I don’t drink milk straight, but it’s an essential part of my morning latte. Man. June is going to be a great month!

  4. 11/27/2016 @ 21:01:21 Love the site– very easy to navigate and lots to think about!

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