Topline Trends Tuesday: The Draper effect

June 2, 2009


Blame it on Don Draper if you like, but right now one of the trendiest drinks around is rye whiskey. From Manhattans made with spicy rye (instead of sweeter bourbon), to Crown Royal straight up, rye is now popular with more than just my dad and his cronies. In fact, I’ve had a tremendous response to the Manhattan Cocktail Drops featured in my recent LCBO Food & Drink magazine story.

While as a proud Canadian I’d like to see this trend focused on enjoying Canadian rye exclusively, the fact is American ryes (made from mash containing 51 percent rye or more before being aged for at least two years in oak barrels) are catching the attention of serious aficionados.

What about you, do you love rye or loathe it? Do you drink it straight up like a Scotch or use it in cocktails?