Hamburger buns

June 5, 2009


Since we made perfect patties yesterday, why not make buns to go with them today? It may seem like a lot of fuss but it’s not difficult to make hamburger buns. Plus, the homemade version is so much yummier than the bagged buns sold at the grocery store.

When I made the buns pictured above, I used this Epicurious recipe. Although it’s a very good recipe that made delicious, light hamburger buns, I did learn a few things that might help you avoid the few, small problems I encountered:

1. This dough is very soft, so lightly flour your hands when handling it to avoid sticking.
2. To avoid messing up a saucepan, heat the milk in the microwave in the cup you used to measure it.
3. Although the recipe says to roll the buns out to 1/4-inch (.5 cm), I found that the buns I baked when I rolled the dough a little thicker were better.
4. When cutting out the dough, use a 4-inch (10 cm) metal cutter (the same one you used to make your perfect patties!) but don’t turn it in the dough. Simply press down to cut the dough and then pull the cutter up to remove (when I twisted the cutter, the dough stretched and the buns baked in a football shape).
5. Before you cut the circles, let the rolled dough sit for a minute or two so that the gluten relaxes into the shape you’ve just rolled. Otherwise, the dough tends to shrink as soon as you cut out your rolls and you end up with undersized holders for your burgers.

Have you ever made hamburger buns? If so, did you leave them plain on top or dress them with sesame or poppy seeds?