Hamburger buns


Since we made perfect patties yesterday, why not make buns to go with them today? It may seem like a lot of fuss but it’s not difficult to make hamburger buns. Plus, the homemade version is so much yummier than the bagged buns sold at the grocery store.

When I made the buns pictured above, I used this Epicurious recipe. Although it’s a very good recipe that made delicious, light hamburger buns, I did learn a few things that might help you avoid the few, small problems I encountered:

1. This dough is very soft, so lightly flour your hands when handling it to avoid sticking.
2. To avoid messing up a saucepan, heat the milk in the microwave in the cup you used to measure it.
3. Although the recipe says to roll the buns out to 1/4-inch (.5 cm), I found that the buns I baked when I rolled the dough a little thicker were better.
4. When cutting out the dough, use a 4-inch (10 cm) metal cutter (the same one you used to make your perfect patties!) but don’t turn it in the dough. Simply press down to cut the dough and then pull the cutter up to remove (when I twisted the cutter, the dough stretched and the buns baked in a football shape).
5. Before you cut the circles, let the rolled dough sit for a minute or two so that the gluten relaxes into the shape you’ve just rolled. Otherwise, the dough tends to shrink as soon as you cut out your rolls and you end up with undersized holders for your burgers.

Have you ever made hamburger buns? If so, did you leave them plain on top or dress them with sesame or poppy seeds?


17 Responses to Hamburger buns

  1. Diva says:

    Not only have I *not* made hamburger buns – it never occurred to me to do so! I am tempted though, because it would be nice to make a whole wheat version and also cut down on the sugar. You’ve inspired me, Dana!

    I would top them with sesame seeds.

  2. Rosa says:

    Beautiful! I never buy my hamburger buns and always bake them when needed. I always dress them with sesame seeds!



  3. Barb says:

    I have made hamburger buns. They usually turn out fairly large so I end up making the patties larger to have the right fit! Cutting them with the same cutter used to form the patties is so obvious that I am embarrassed to say Wow! What a great idea! Oh, I did not top them with anything. Plain works but seeds are a nice addition.

  4. Shari says:

    Thanks for the great tips. Yours look so perfect! What could be better than a homemade bun with homemade burgers?!

  5. danamccauley says:

    Diva – once you make your own it will be hard to go back!

    Barb – don’t be embarrassed. It’s easy to get into habits and forget to rethink your methods.

    Rosa – I’ve seen your hamburger buns on your site – they look lovely!

    Shari – hope you have time to try them. It really does make a burger special to have a homemade bun. In fact, I served burgers at a dinner party (albeit casual) and the homemade burgers and hand formed patties made it quite fun.

  6. Terry says:

    Wow,..I can’t believe how many things I learned on this post! For instance, I had no idea someone would make homemade hamburg buns (of course, I HAVE to now), and I’ve often had that shrinkage you talked about because I didn’t know to let the dough rest. Plus, I have always turned the cutter; and I’m with Barb, I never thought to use the same cutter so the patties and buns would be the same size, lol. Dana, this might be a record for things learned in a single posting. 🙂

  7. danamccauley says:

    Terry, you humble me and that makes my day!

  8. I too, would have never thought of making home made buns! The closest I have come is making home made english muffins which turned out great.

    Your hamburger buns look great!

  9. danamccauley says:

    Jenn, I’ve been meaning to make homemade English Muffins for-ev-er! Must get to that task before I’m too old to knead properly.

  10. cheryl says:

    My friend Lisa made hamburger buns recently and I think she used the same recipe that you did. Between the two of you, and your similar successes, I think I’m officially won over.

  11. danamccauley says:

    Just Do It Cheryl!

  12. Sophie says:

    I’ve made hamburger buns before, but they didn’t come out this lovely! They’re perfect!

  13. Natashya says:

    They look great! I love homemade burger buns. I like them topped with all kinds of things… sesame, poppy seeds, caraway, cheese, onions..

  14. Kitt says:

    Yum. Now you need to make sliders. Because they’re cute.

  15. Y says:

    Dana, those look perfect! I really must make my own hamburger buns one day.

  16. ash says:

    great tips! i’ve been wanting to try that recipe!

  17. dinnerwithjulie says:

    Never made my own hamburger buns, but am seeing them everywhere lately! it must be a sign!

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