Inspiring sources

David Cohlmeyer

I spend a lot of time reading websites, press releases, magazines and newsletters so that I can track and evaluate the latest food trends. Some sources give me more return on my time investment than others. One of the most robust little bits of text I look forward to each week is the email newsblast from David Cohlmeyer and his team at Cookstown Greens.

Reading the excerpt from last week’s newsletter (quoted below) introduced me to not only Spruce Candles but Sweet Cicely pods – two locally available veggies I’d never even heard of before!

“The early-spring wild vegetables are about finished. (After all the recent rains, there may be yet another flush of morels – but don’t count on this.) Intensely flavoured Green Garlic, long and tender Leek Scapes, delicate succulent Tulip Chives continue. Of course asparagus in all its colours: richly flavoured Green Asparagus, easy to cook White Asparagus, and our unique Tri-Colour Asparagus also continue. Spherical Easter Egg Radish, finger-size Breakfast Radish, convenient-to-use Red Icicle Radish, and luscious springtime Baby White Turnips will remain tempting until the intense heat arrives. Only lasting a few more days are tender Spruce Candles (loaded with tart vitamin C) and Sweet Cicely Pods (loaded with a burst of refreshing liquorice flavour). Just starting now are our Welsh Onion Blossoms. These are too biting to be used raw, but a gentle steaming turns them into an amazingly delicious side veg.”

Want to receive Cookstown’s newsletter in your own mailbox? Email to get on the list.

Since I’m always looking for great info sources, please share links to your favourite reads in the comments section below.


4 Responses to Inspiring sources

  1. Sarah says:

    For healthy eating, local and sustainable food tips I regularly follow and On the recipe side I love the video recipes on where some users even cook live while chatting with viewers.

  2. Barb says:

    Even the names of these veggies (I haven’t heard of them either) are delicious sounding.

  3. Natashya says:

    What a rich resource. Reminds me of the Manic Organic.. whatever happened to him?

  4. Well, it’s local to me, but I enjoy the newsletters from The Innisfail Growers and Edgar Farms. It is a good handle on the very local suppliers and what is happening with them.

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