Home delivery: what do you have delivered?

Hand push delivery cart Fairway Mkt

A few weeks ago, Lucy Waverman commented on Twitter that she still has home milk delivery and I realized that I haven’t had a milk man come to my door since I was about 10 years old.

Why not? We still use milk on a daily basis and I’m always running out to buy more.

What about you? Do you use home delivery grocery services like Grocery Gateway or do you reserve delivery for pizza night? Likewise, have your delivery habits changed in the last decade? Mine have. Where I used to have groceries delivered often, now about the only things we get delivered  are mail and an occasional Swiss Chalet dinner when life is too hectic to cook or shop.

The picture above, by the way, was taken a few years ago on a trip to New York City. I’m standing outside Farway market on Broadway and that little cart is one of many the store uses to deliver grocery orders around the the upper West Side.


10 Responses to Home delivery: what do you have delivered?

  1. Amanda Laird says:

    I don’t have a car, so through the winter months I used Grocery Gateway. It made my life so much easier, and the best part: no impulse shopping. You plug in your list and that’s what you end up with at the check-out.

    We very rarely order in, mainly because it’s very wasteful. Plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic cutlery, condiments in plastic.

  2. Sheryl says:

    I used to have a weekly organic box delivery but after I moved to a high-rise, I discovered most of them won’t deliver to apartment buildings.

    The dog food gets delivered, though. A nice young man carries two big 40-pound bags on one shoulder down the hallway right to my door.

  3. I remember milk being delivered when I was a kid. My mom put a sign in the window “MILK” or “NO MILK TODAY”. I’d forgotten about that.

    I rarely get anything delivered, but when I was working full-time at an office job, I did have organic veggies delivered to my door. I placed the order online and left a cooler bag with a cheque at my backdoor. I came home to fresh organic vegetables once a week. It was a lovely boost.

    Now I’m back freelancing, I do my own shopping.

  4. Barb says:

    Apart from the mail, I don’t use delivery either. It is available if you want/need it for lots of items ie: drug store prescriptions, groceries, fast food and meals on wheels besides. I guess that is a good thing when the need is there.

  5. Judi says:

    I live about a mile away from the supermercado (no car) so I use a grocery delivery when I run out of heavy staples (bags of flour, jugs of olive oil, etc). And in the winter when the sidewalks are icy.

  6. Andrea says:

    The house I grew up in was built with a little milkman’s double door (I forget what the actual term is). One door opened outside for the milkman, then there was a little cubbyhole. A second door opened into the pantry where (at least in theory) the milk would be brought inside. We never actually had milk delivery.

  7. Barb says:

    Ah yes, the milk chute. We didn’t have one but I thought they were very cool.

  8. I too grew up with the Nu-Maid milk delivery. I would kill for that right now with a growing family (and two different stores to go to for our milk).

    Currently we have the Eggman who comes to our house every two weeks. Just some random farmer who delivers his fresh eggs to a bunch of houses in the neighbourhood. I love the Eggman.

  9. A vegetable truck does the neighbourhood rounds once a week – it’s like grocery shopping in your driveway!

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