Topline Trends Tuesday: Foie gras in the sweet kitchen


Photo credit: Food In Houston

Although no pastry chef I know ever learned how to make profiteroles, macarons, tarte tatin, waffles, milkshakes or doughnuts with foie gras at culinary school, many of them are doing it now in high-end eateries in cities such as Montreal, Chicago, Portland and New York.

I haven’t tried a foie gras-laced dessert yet myself but I did have a foie gras and pear empanada at my husband Martin’s restaurant recently and it was pretty damn good.

Have any of you seen foie gras used as a dessert ingredient in your area? If so, did you try it? And, if you did, what did you think? Hit or miss?


6 Responses to Topline Trends Tuesday: Foie gras in the sweet kitchen

  1. Rosa says:

    I have eaten foie gras in a crèeme brûlée and it was delicious! It a very interesting combination…



  2. Barb says:

    I’ve never tried it. Never seen it except on TV. I live in too small an area I guess.

  3. Diva says:

    I haven’t seen it so far … and, really, I hope not to. I’ll be bucking this particular trend. Many call me crazy, but I just don’t enjoy fois gras. There’s not enough sugar or chocolate in the world to make me feel otherwise! LOL

    Though, that said, I do appreciate unusual sweet/savory dessert combos. I can imagine it could be wonderful if you were a fan … much like the bacon/chocolate combinations that became so popular awhile back.

  4. Like Diva I do like the sweet/savoury combos, but this strikes me as just wrong. I adore fois gras and am proud to admit that. Do I want it for dessert? Hell no. I want it seared and spread on toast points or melting over some greens. I want to taste it on its own, not as a flavour in something else.

    And if it were to be combined with a sweet, it still doesn’t belong on a dessert menu. Rather, I would be tempted to try it more if it was listed as a sweet appetizer. Semantics maybe, but I would be really thrown by it on a dessert menu.

  5. Anything to do with liver turns me off. I know this could get me kicked out of the foodie group and will likely earn me a mocking, but…

    I don’t like foie gras. Period.

    There! I said it.

  6. veron says:

    Foie gras brulee, I made it and was delicious…it was more of a first course type dish though. Pierre Herme’s foiegras macaron was the best macaron I have ever tasted – the combination of foie gras and milk chocolate was amazing.

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