Shark Fin Pledge


When I originally posted on this blog about the cruelty and destruction that the shark finning industry was causing, I got a very mixed response. While most of my regular readers agreed with me that this so called gourmet ingredient was procured at too high a price for our oceans, some pro-shark fin folks found my post and called me all kinds of nasty names. I won’t repeat them, but you can read them here if you like.

I faced another disappointment sticking up for sharks when I wrote a letter to the UN and asked them to intervene in shark finning on an international level. My son, my husband and a handful of other extended family members also wrote letters and not one of us received even a form letter acknowledgment that our letters had been received.

So, when I read a press release (thanks for sending it to me Cheryl!) that said that influential food activist Alice Waters had signed the No Shark Fin Pledge after formerly stating that she’d like to try shark fin soup, I was heartened.

So today, I post on a Friday night because to me, this constitutes breaking news and I hope that everyone reading this post will be caught up in the spirit of Waters’ action and take a moment to sign this pledge, too!

Here’s the link: No Shark Fin PledgePlease share it.


5 Responses to Shark Fin Pledge

  1. It IS breaking news! Wonderful breaking news. I’m glad to see letter campaigns work.

    I signed the pledge!

    PS: So people don’t think I’m a total loser being online late on a Friday night. I’m killing time while my ice cream maker churns peach ice cream for tomorrow’s World’s Longest Barbecue.

    Okay. Churning ice cream on a Friday night still makes me sound like a loser.

  2. danamccauley says:

    No one who reads my blog on Frfiday night is a loser! Especially an ice cream maker!

  3. deeba says:

    Off to sign it Dana…

  4. Amy Snider says:

    Just in time for shark week – a great time to learn more about plight of the shark….

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