Jewelry dilemmas

jewelryIf you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that love has been in the air at our Test Kitchen. Not only did Amy get married on Saturday, but the lovely and capable Sabrina got engaged recently, too.

All this excitement led us to a discussion about our jewelry. While I usually stash my wedding ring in my pocket or next to my computer keyboard while I’m cooking, Sabrina is keeping her gorgeous new Mark Lash ring in a ramekin or on a pastry tip to keep it away from gooey dough.

The folks who inspect commercial and restaurant kitchens for health compliance recommend that no one in the kitchen wear rings, watches, bracelets or even earrings and nose rings that could transfer bacteria to food. For me, taking off my wedding ring when I cook comes not only from my concern about hygiene but also from my desire to keep my ring in good shape and prevent my finger from getting a moisture rash.

Do you take your rings off when you’re cooking? If so, where do you stash them for safekeeping?


15 Responses to Jewelry dilemmas

  1. Barb says:

    I like to take them off for certain jobs, too. I remember having problems at first with finding the best spot to leave them. Consistency is important to prevent searching frantically later only to find them right in the “safe place” of the day. At home that will be in my bedroom in the ring dish (!); away from home probably in my wallet or pocket if I have one.

  2. I haven’t worn jewelery since my divorce in 1979. It has made live (and cooking) simpler.

  3. Rebecca says:

    When I’m cooking, I usually keep mine on a chain around my neck. It satisfies my OCDish need to occasionally make sure they’re still there.

    • danamccauley says:

      I’m always panicking that I’ve misplaced my ring, too! To be honest, I remove mine not so much for the hygiene issue when I’m at home but because my band is quite wide and I get rash around my finger if dampness gets under there.

  4. lealou says:

    I put mine on a dish on my counter — I can’t stand cooking with my rings on!

  5. Diva says:

    First off, what a gorgeous ring! And I love that its on a pastry tip. Great pic.

    Its never occurred to me that rings in the kitchen are a sanitation issue – but that makes sense.

    Personally, I don’t like to take mine off. I’m far too clumsy and forgetful – so I feel like they’re better off staying on my fingers. Mostly, I leave them on, unless I’m doing something sticky with my hands. In that case, I put them on one of the little decorative shelves in my kitchen … high up where the cats can’t reach them!

  6. I only remove mine for gardening or really messy jobs. I have a couple of places about the house where I stash them. I don’t pop them in my pockets any more after a couple of scares.

    I know rules for commercial kitchens are strict, but I don’t think homecooks don’t need to remove their rings for hygiene purposes. Generations of ring-wearing women have served countless meals and no one died because they wore their wedding bands. Now, undercooked chicken and raw eggs? That’s another story.

  7. I instinctively take mine off the moment I start pulling food from the fridge/counter and the knives out. It always goes in my pocket. And if there is no pocket then it goes by the spices. That way, if for whatever reason, it gets knocked off the shelf it isn’t anywhere near a sink or heat register. I’m also smart in that my ring is square, so it doesn’t roll should it hit the ground.

  8. cheryl says:

    I’m a ramekin girl. I’m also incredibly forgetful, so it’s amazing I’ve never dumped an egg on it or thrown it away.

    If I were to put it in my pocket, there’s no WAY it wouldn’t end up in the laundry.

  9. Nancy says:

    I don’t take my wedding ring off–it’s very plain and doesn’t get in the way of cooking or housework (part of the reason I chose it!). I strip off watch and all other rings the minute I walk in the door, and put them in their designated spot on a shelf next to the kitchen door.

  10. Sharon Haslam says:

    I always take mine off for cooking…probably a habit from working in commercial kitchens. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them. When making breakfast, lunch and quick dinners they stay on…to make meatballs, breaded veal, pastry, fresh pasta, etc. the rings go on the window sill right where my mother used to put them when she made bread or meatballs…hey, it’s tradition!

  11. Carrie says:

    My wedding band is pretty new (just got married in May), but I do take it off for cooking tasks. Professional training aside, it’s also a safety matter. Metal conducts heat. And I have stones inset in mine, so more likely to get gucked up!

  12. Tracy says:

    What a lovely posting! Congratulations Sabrina!

  13. Ajewelry says:

    Like you i am also not in favor of keep wearing the jewelry while cooking in kitchen , it is good for both health and jewelry. I keep it in a cupboard and lock it to keep me remember where i have placed it and keep it away from the kids.

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