Road trips and lunch

packed lunch

For the first time in years, my little family stayed home instead of taking an adventurous vacation. Last year we went to Alaska and the Yukon; a few years before that we went hiking in Banff. But this year we planned to rein things in a little, being cautious with our money given the global economy. In the end, we took a number of little road trips that found us in all kinds of Southern and Central Ontario towns and even in Montreal and Quebec’s Eastern Townships for a couple of days.

My shoe leather touched the streets in Creemore, Lindsay, Minden, Haliburton, Highland Grove, Montreal, Picton, Parry Sound, Port Parry and Cookstown to name most but not all of our destinations. It was a lot of fun to take these spontaneous trips and I have to say I enjoyed seeing these nearby destinations up close more than I imagined I would.

One thing we learned, however, is that road food is nasty! Sure, stopping for a coffee is fine but just how many French fries and tasteless burgers can you eat before you want to scream? By August I was proactive and packing sandwiches and fresh fruit for the road.

How about you? Do you take the time to pack a lunch when you’re heading out on road trips or do you take your chances with roadside fare?


6 Responses to Road trips and lunch

  1. This is the only way we travel – little road trips. And with two little ones there are always snacks in the car. I definitely have the cooler packing down to a science, it all depends on how long we’ll be gone for. We always have veggies and fruit, cheese, sausage, dried fruit, water, and some treats if we have them around. If it is a longer trip then sandwiches or pasta/bean salad. And we’ve learned to avoid chocolate – there is no way for us adults to sneak it if the girls are awake and they get it everywhere if they eat it.

  2. Jamie says:

    Packing your own is definitely the way to go! My mom always had our lunches and snacks packed and I wouln’t think of eating roadside food now. When I was to save money, but now it’s about quality.

    I saw you on TV – the Devya sauces show. CBC, I believe. Good job.

  3. Sharon Haslam says:

    Trips or vacations (no matter how small) are my excuse for taking a break from looking after everyones food and nutrition needs. I pack no food! Stopping at chip wagons is our favourite! Small town diners, dives and drive-ins are part of the excitement of our outings. If I went on as many excursions as you did this summer I would probably invest in a picnic basket!

  4. asiajo says:

    Fabulous & inspiring blog … I will be visiting often.

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