Topline Trends Tuesday: Cider presses forward


Photo credit: Sea Cider Farm

One of my fondest memories of my first trip to France was the excellent artisan hard ciders served in champagne-style bottles in Normandy. Although often cloudy and not as pretty as the sparklingly clear apple cider drinks I’d had in Scotland before that time, Norman ciders were more nuanced and really fantastic served with a big bowl of mussels meuniere.

Today, apple cider is a growing category in the liquor store. It’s not the Scottish-style pub cider that’s taken off or the Norman-style cider that we’re seeing more of but the sweet, sparkling ice ciders from Quebec and the wonderful range of still and sparkling quaffing ciders from British Columbian growers like Sea Cider Farm.
Do you ever serve cider when you entertain? If not, would you consider it?


13 Responses to Topline Trends Tuesday: Cider presses forward

  1. Beth says:

    As a non-wine drinker, I love cider. It’s usually light and frothy like beer but so much more easy going.

    I’ve never tried ice cider but I think it would be great to serve with aged Cheddar – am I right?

  2. danamccauley says:

    Mmm – good match idea! It would also go well with terrine de foie gras. I’m just sayin;. : )

  3. Greg Clow says:

    I really like cider, but it’s unfortunate that the LCBO carries such a poor selection. A Quebec ice cider will show up occasionally, and Waupoos is nice for a UK-style one, but most of what they carry are mediocre mass-produced ones like Strongbow and Blackthorn.

    I would LOVE to see them bring in some proper Norman ciders, and more artisanal ciders from the UK.

  4. Rosa says:

    I find that cider is a very refined drink! I would definitely serve it with comfort food dishes (steak 6 kidney pie, stews, etc…).



  5. Meagan says:

    I’ve loved Waupoos for years – though I tend to got into trouble with it. At 6.4% it’s not for the faint of heart! My experience with Norman ciders is shallow but what I have tried has been lovely. I would love to serve them at my table.

  6. Heather Li says:

    Dana, have you been stalking me this weekend?

    Apple picking on Saturday; apple pie for lunch; and then a cider beer for dinner from Prince Edward County – Waupoos. I never had a cider beer before but it’s exact to your description above:

    I liked it very, very much and definitely would serve cider for entertaining.

  7. You know, I’ve never purchased a bottle to serve at home, but I have a favorite creperie and whenever we go there for dinner (which, sadly, isn’t often enough), I like to drink their cider with the savory galettes.

    I first learned about it in Normandy, too, when I was a high school junior and spent the summer in Rouen. THOSE were good days.

  8. Funny you should post about this. My husband and I got turned onto hard ciders this summer. While we don’t serve them at parties, we have it on hand and have turned others onto it as well.

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